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Annika was sitting on a beautifully decorated bed wearing a wedding attire. Yes it was their wedding. They finally got hitched after so many hurdles but guess it wasn't the end to her sufferings and his revenge which he vowed to take at any cost.

He entered the room making her breath hitch. It was their first night and the feeling itself gave her tingling sensation. But she was unaware about what was coming her way. He looked at her with a smile which soon turned into a devilish smirk. Let the game begin.

He left from there towards the restroom taking his night clothes making her confuse. She thought he would come to her seeing his romantic behaviour in past few days but he didn't even take a glance of hers.

He came back after changing only to see her sitting lost in her thoughts. She looked at him.

'Shivaay! I......'

He cut her off mid-way.

'Annika! I'm already tired of all this wedding chaos. My head is bursting with pain and i have a meeting to attend tomorrow so let me sleep.'

He said in a cold voice. She was shocked. Their wedding was a chaos for him. But she again smiled thinking him to be really tired.

He laid down on the bed back facing her and closed his eyes only to open them again feeling her slender fingers over his head.

'What are you doing?'

'Woh! Your head is paining na so thought to give you a massage.' She replied softly.

'Listen! Don't exercise your rights on me. You might be Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi for the world but not for me. And don't you dare poke your nose in my life.'

Her heartbeat turned wild listening to him. She felt numb. He didn't consider her his wife even after marrying her with all the rituals.

'Shi....shiv! You are joking right?' She placed her hand on his shoulder but he pushed her away.

'I don't have time for all this nonsense so let me sleep.'

She felt terrible. What could be more painful for her? Her love whom she loved like anything refused to accept her as his wife. She too laid down on the bed unable to comprehend what just happen. Did he really abandon her? Was this all a dream? She couldn't fathom the amount of pain which she felt. Her heart was more heavy than her wedding dress, flooded with an immense pain. Tears rolled down her eyes as sobs escaped her mouth.

He shut his eyes more tightly feeling her crying. No matter what he couldn't tolerate her tears. He felt a sudden urge to pull her towards himself and console her but his mind dominated his heart and he let it be.

She slept tired of crying for the whole night............


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