❤Part 34❤

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    Everyone looked at Annika when she shared her problem with them. They were in Pinki's room. Shivaay had gone to his office. Annika demanded a solution from them which immediately got their brains to work to help their beloved Annika. They all were thinking when Rudra spoke suddenly.

     'Bhabhi! Just go and ask him to do it for you. It's as simple as that.' Rudra did his logic sign being happy for oh-so-great idea.

      Annika gave him a look which clearly depicted no need to prove that you are dumb.

      He shut his mouth seeing her glaring him. Others rolled their eyes seeing him.

      'Annika, you work in his hospital. So you can ask him to inaugurate being your boss.' It was Annay who gave tough competition to Rudra.

     'Stop spending time with Rudra, Annay.' Annika shut him up while Rudra made a pout.

     Om, Arnav and Pinki were silent spectators. Annika looked at Pinki expectantly who smiled in response. Seeing that smile, Annika knew that her mother in law was all ready to solve her problem.

      Pinki shared her plan with them and all of them got happy. Annika was the happiest of all. Finally, he would be doing what he promised that too without her giving away anything to him. She was so excited for the day.

      Two weeks passed in all the preparations. Finally the day was here when her, no their dream will be fulfilled. More than Annika, Shivaay was happy to see her achieving so much at such a young age. He could clearly see the glow on her face. She was literally jumping like a kid here and there who got his favourite candy.

      Both got ready to go to the hospital. Shivaay was told that annika would be doing the inauguration. He was happy with that. Though he still remembered that she wanted him to do this but he just wanted her to be happy even if it meant to hurt himself.

    Annika had asked all of them to join her happiness. She already knew they were coming but it was just a pretense to invite Shivaay.

      'Looking gorgeous, babe.' He winked at her making her blush.

     'Thank you.' She tucked a hair strand behind her ear. Her cheeks still pink because of his complement and that oh so innocent wink.

      At times, he wondered how on earth could she blush just with his mere wink or flying kiss. He has stuck to his promise of not touching her. Though he was hurt by her behaviour but afterwards he realised that his some teasing remarks and romantic actions are enough to get his way through all this.

      Talking about Annika, she was now regretting terribly. Truth be told, she was now craving for his touch. But she didn't have the courage to ask him for the same openly.

      They left together to the hospital while others were in their own cars. Annika was fidgeting with her fingers which was noticed by shivaay. He realised she getting nervous. Why won't she be? It was such a big responsibility which she was going to handle. Although being a doctor, she had always managed her duties well but now it was much more than that. She was going to be the owner of her hospital. The mere thought was enough to send chills down her spine.

      'Relax, Annika! It'll be fine.' He spoke softly trying to ease out her tension.

      'I'm scared.' She confessed honestly gazing at him.

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