❤Part 43❤

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    It had been two weeks to their marriage. They were enjoying this new phase of their life which was full of lovey dovey moments including some teasings.

     Annika was getting ready to manofy her young man who was angry on her. It wasn't even his fault. She had been teasing him since their marriage now. He had had enough of teasings. At times, she would leave him to sleep with ishani or she would go with Rudra and Annay to have their so called movie nights. He was frustrated. Their days were usually spent in their respective work places and when at night, he thought they would spend some time together then his madam would not even spare a glance at him.

     Finally, today he lost his little bit of patience that he had and went without talking to her. He didn't wish her morning kissing her forehead as he usually did since their marriage. He didn't make breakfast for her unlike other days when he would make her eat with his hands. He didn't even pick up her calls and completely ignored her messages. So finally, Annika realised that she did a little too much.

     It was 7 in the evening. Nobody was at home except her. Shivaay generally came back around 8. She got ready in a beautiful peach coloured saree. Her face looked enchanting even with the minimal make up she had.

      She was sitting on the couch when the room door opened. He looked around to see it decorated with scented candles. His eyes fell over her who was looking at him with a full blown smile. He scanned her from head to toe making her blush. He smirked a little thinking something. Let's have some fun!

      He pretended to ignore her and instantly went to the washroom taking his night clothes. She pouted sadly. She took so much effort to get ready and this angry bird didn't even look at her.
      He came out of the washroom and went to have his dinner. She too left behind him. Both had their dinner silently. Annika tried initiating a talk but he didn't say anything.

       He went back to their room and started working. He was sitting on the couch when she hugged him from behind.

     'Patidev ji gusha hain.....' (My husband is angry) She muttered cutely pecking his cheek. He parted her away from himself.

      She huffed but sat in his lap taking him in for a surprise.

     'Meri jaan ko inna gussa apni jaana se.....' (My jaan is so angry with his jaana) She pecked his other cheek.

      'Get up!' He said sternly. Though it felt hard for him to maintain the facade but he was enjoying what all she was doing.

    'I won't...' she shook her head pouting.

     'I said get up.' He didn't want to but his words came out a little too harshly making her flinch. She thought he was really angry so got up without saying anything. Her eyes shining with tears.

     'I'm sorry, Shiv. Please don't do this. You can give me any punishment.....' she sniffed looking down. His mind stuck at the word punishment. He smiled mischievously.

     'Any punishment?' He asked raising his eyebrows. She nodded.

    'Okay then! Do 10 sit ups....' He said casually while she looked at him shocked.

     'You....you really want me to do this?' She asked still not able to digest that he asked for this. He nodded shrugging his shoulders.

       He went towards the dressing table pretending to set his hair and waited for her reaction. He thought she would defend but was shocked when she bent down.

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