❤Part 41❤

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        Shivaay paced to and fro in his room with a constant frown. He got happy when his mother complied to his demand but his happiness was short lived as she declared that Annika would be staying in different room till the marriage.

      His desperate-ness even got him teasing remarks from his gang. Annika was so embarrassed. She wished to bang his head seeing him behaving like a cranky toddler.

     It was four in the morning. He tried to sleep but couldn't and finally decided to go to his only solace.

      He opened the door slowly and peeked outside to see anyone. He first looked towards right and then left. Seeing his path clear, he breathed a sigh of relief.

       He started walking towards the guest room where annika was staying when he saw Pinky coming from the kitchen. He instantly hid behind the nearby pillar squeezing his eyes mumbling incoherent prayers in his mind.

     Pinky passed from there without noticing him making him release the breath he was holding or atleast he thought so.

       He stepped forward only to bump into pinky who was standing with her arms across her chest looking at him quizzically. He gave him a scary smile gulping as he realised that his mother tricked him.

     'What are you doing here?' She asked narrowing her eyes at him.

     'Wo....woh...pa..ppp..pa...paani..kitchen ja rha tha.....' He replied stammering.

     She took the glass from the nearby table and poured the water in it from the jug she brought from the kitchen. He took it as she forwarded.

      He took a sip and then smiled at her. She kept her expressions blank. He sipped slowly but she didn't go. Realising that she wasn't going before he finished, he gulped the water in a go dropping a few drops over his shirt.

     'Bohot pyaas lgi thi, maa. Bohot pyaas... thank you...' ('I was so thirsty, mom. So thirsty...thank you.') He smiled giving the glass back to her hoping that now she would go.

     'Need more?' She asked making him cry inwardly.

      'Yes...yeahh....sure....' He didn't even know what he was saying. His urge to see Annika taking a toll over him.

     She gave him another glass. He drank it as fast as he could. He behaved as if his throat was parched since ages seeing which she directly forwarded the jug to him. He drank the half dropping the other over his clothes and face again. Pinky was amused looking at his drama.

      He felt as if his stomach would burst after drinking this much water. But still gave a wide smile to Pinky who was trying to suppress her laugh.

      He waited for her to go but she stood still on her place. She raised her eyebrows. He smiled sheepishly. He knew he had to go back to his room for now and went back with a puppy face for not being able to see his jaana.

       As soon as pinky left, he again opened the door slowly and literally ran to Annika's room. Pinky, who saw him chuckled. She very well knew his intentions but was just teasing him.

      He knocked on the door slowly. Annika opened after few minutes rubbing her eyes.

      'Shiv.....' she yawned muttering his name trying to keep her eyes open. He smiled seeing her and instantly took her in a bone crushing hug. She stumbled back feeling the sudden force but his hold made her balance herself. She snuggled into him still feeling sleepy.

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