❤Part 5❤

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       Okay so few of you had confusion regarding shivaay's feelings in last part like on one side he wants her to come back to his life and was happy to meet her while on the other hand he wants to take revenge from her. So i hope your confusion will get cleared after reading this part.

       And about omru Annay and arnav's characters, they don't have any specific importance in shivika's love story so didn't feel like giving their description. They are all shivaay's friends. They too were goons like shivaay but they were completely spoilt brats as i mentioned in character sketch already. They used to do eve teasing and all. Although shivaay used to stop them as he respected girls a lot but they never listened to him. Now they're settled in their lives with shivaay's help. I hope it's clear now😊😊

Kunal jaisingh as omkara

Leenesh mattoo as rudra

Barun sobti as arnav

Ritwik dhanjani as annay

  Pinky entered his cabin but was shocked to see the scenario. Everything was messed up. She looked at him. He was looking angry. She went towards him.

        'Shivaay! Maine annika ko dekha yahan se jaate hue. Ro rhi thi woh.'('I saw annika going from here. She was crying.')

        He remained silent.

         'What happened shivaay?'

       'Nothing maa.'

     'Tune kuch kaha usse?'('Did you say something to her?') She asked.

       He chuckled sadly.

      'Usne kuch kehne layak choda kahan hai mujhe.('She didn't leave any chance for me to say something.')

        And his this single sentence clearly depicted his anger, his pain, his sorrows and his restlessness. Pinky wanted to get it all out of him. She knew it was now or never. Holding his hands she made him sit over the couch and sat in front of him.

    'We need to talk.'

   'Maa! Please i don't want to talk about her. He covered his face with his palms.

       'Shivaay!' Pinky said sternly. He nodded sighing.

      'Just answer my one question shivaay and don't you dare to lie.'

       He looked at her.

     'Kya tu ab bhi usse pyaar karta hai?'('Do you still love her?')

       His face held mixed emotions. He didn't know what to say. He was about to deny but stopped seeing her glare.

      'Jhooth mat bolna.'('Don't lie.')

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