❤Part 29❤

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Annika entered the room but the scene in front of her shocked her to the core. Everything was messed up in the room. His tie over the ceiling fan, his socks in the window, his shoes over the couch, his coat on the floor and he himself sitting on the floor drinking vodka directly from the bottle with two shirt buttons open and sleeves rolled up. But what shocked her more were the four empty bottles of vodka beside him which meant he drank all of them.

     She fumed in anger and entered inside. He looked at her and giggled. Her nostrils flared as she placed her hands on her hips glaring him.

      'Hiii, ja....jaanu.' He waved his hand looking at her as his voice faltered.

     'Shivaay' She shot him a hard glare.

     'Yes, babyyyy.' He gulped and tried to stand up but failed miserably as alcohol completely took over his senses.

       He tried again but fell down and she was quick enough to hold him.

     'Careful...' she muttered holding his arm.

      'So...sor...sorry.' He struggled to say anything while she kept looking at him. He looked at her giving her a wry smile. Their faces extremely close. She could smell the alcohol which made her close her eyes in disgust. She was never a fan of such things. She even made him leave all this after they stepped into a relationship but he again started all of this after their breakup.

      'Wowwwwwwww' He exclaimed giggling more breaking her chain of thoughts. She frowned.

     'What's so funny?' She asked.

    'I....i...i ca...can see three three....an...annika....you...know three...annika....threeeeeeeeeee' He replied chuckling. She scrutinised her eyes at him. He was in his own mode of counting how many annika-s he could see on his fingers. She rolled her eyes seeing him behaving like a baby but she had to handle this baby and she didn't have any other option.

      'One...tw...two...threeeeeeeeeee.' He kept repeating lost in his own world. She was frustrated seeing him like that.

     He stood up properly and took the bottle close to his lips when she snatched it from him. He pouted looking at her blinking his eyes cutely.

     He tried taking it from her but she didn't let him. He sat on the couch and started sobbing, fake-ly though. She looked at his nautanki and controlled her urge to roll her eyes again. He stopped his drama when something came to his mind. He looked at her thoughtfully. She tried reading his face but failed badly.

      'You...you also wa...want this na...Then you take an...another bottle...be...because th...this is mine.....' He stuttered pointing towards the bottle she was holding. She huffed in anger throwing the bottle on the floor breaking it into pieces. He looked shocked.

        'You ar....are..v...very bad..' He hiccuped faking his crying when there wasn't even a single tear in his eyes. She groaned. He increased his crying volume making her more frustrated.

     'Shut up! Just shut up.' She shouted making him flinch. He immediately put his finger on his lips like an obedient kid and sat looking down innocently. At the moment, Annika felt as if he was the most innocent man in the whole universe. His eyes cascaded down, his lips pouted, finger on his lips. Her heart melted looking at him. She felt a sudden urge to kiss those pouty lips. His messy hair made him look hot making her feel like doing unimaginable things to him. She chided herself for being so cheapdi.

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