❤Part 3❤

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     Guys there's a small change, shivaay was 12 when his father left him and his mother was five months pregnant.

     He turned back to see her standing in front of him. She too was shocked seeing him in front of her after damn seven years. World ceased around them. Their heartbeats quickened. Their gazes fixed on each other. Nothing existed for them at that moment, it was only them. No words came out of her mouth.

     She started taking slow steps towards him in a daze. He came out of his thoughts hearing her footsteps and a smirk formed across his lips suddenly. This was gonna be interesting. She didn't notice his expressions. He was in front of her and that's what mattered to her. Her lips quivered in happiness. Her eyes turned watery. She let her tears flow.

       They were standing close to each other. She raised her hand to caress his face. He stepped back. She took her hand back.

      Bending towards her ears, he whispered in a husky voice,


      She bit her lower lip trying to control her painful sobs listening to his voice after so long. Though his heart ached seeing her tears but he maintained a straight face. She was continously crying looking at him but he didn't budge.

      'Excuse me miss...whosoever you are, did you come here to cry or do you have any work? Because i don't have even a second to waste.' He said in a cold voice. She looked at him being hurt but she knew she deserved this.

      'Sh.....shi.....shivaay......' she tried to speak but he cut her off mid-way.

     'Mr. Oberoi! Either Mr. Oberoi or sir. Only my family can call me with my name and you are NOT my family.' He emphasised the word not. Her heart pained. The person who used to love listening to his name from her mouth was now saying her to not call him with his name. Was he really this much angry? Did he really not consider her as his family? Was their love so weak? But she didn't get any answer to her questions.

      She composed herself and wiped her tears. He sat on his chair placing his legs over the table exactly in front of her. That smirk still intact.

    'Aukaat kya hai tumhari?'('What status do you have?')

      He remembered her exact words and that increased his anger.

      'You can sit miss......whosoever....'

    'Annika! Dr. Annika Trivedi.' She replied sniffing.

     She sat on the chair.

     'Your purpose for coming here?' He knew but still asked.

     'Why did you fire me?' She asked directly looking into his eyes which were completely blank, deprived of any emotion.

     'I'm very much punctual you see and you came late for your duty. I don't like such people.' He said as if it was very casual for him.

     'But i had a genuine reason. My car broke down and.....'

     'That's your problem not mine. I want my employees to be punctual.'

     'But it wasn't intentional. You just can't fire me without even seeing my work.'

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