❤Part 32❤

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       After their little celebration, Annika was making the bed to sleep as Shivaay came out of the restroom changing into his night clothes. Both sat on the bed. Shivaay glanced at her who was busy doing something in her phone. He cleared his throat.

       'Annika!' He called her softly to which she raised her head to look at him. She questioned him with her eyes.

      'If you want any help in your hospital work and all, then do tell me. I mean...i...i'm always there.' He spoke calmly glancing at her.

       She smiled faintly.

    'I don't need any help, Shivaay. I want to do this on my own and you know that, don't you?' She replied placing her phone aside as she sat facing him.

      'Yeah...i know but....but being your husband......'

       'YOU ARE NOT MY HUSBAND.' She cut him off midway. Her mere sentence tied his tongue as he couldn't say anything further. A sad smile formed on his lips. His eyes threatened to shed tears but he composed himself soon. Annika kept looking at his changing expressions.

      'I haven't forgiven you yet. I just gave you a chance to earn that. And i hope you know that.....' Her voice suddenly turned serious. 

       'I know but....very soon, i will rightfully and proudly claim to be your husband and mind you, you yourself will make me do that.' His firm and determined voice fell in her ears.

     'So much confidence?' She raised her eyebrows impressed seeing him so determined.

      'Nahh! Faith....Faith in my love.' He spoke smiling. She looked at him earnestly.

       He held her hand in his.

       'My love broke you, Annika. And now, only my love will mend you.' His voice was so soft that it felt soothing honey to her ears.

      'Let's see.' She told freeing her hand from his hold and laid down the bed facing him.

      'We'll see.' He too laid down on the bed.

       This was what she wanted. A strong and determined Shivaay who can win the world if he wanted. A hardcore man who never learnt to succumb to his problems come what may. Now she was waiting to see how he will make his way to her heart.  She hoped he would soon do that because now, she too couldn't wait to start a peaceful life with him.

     Sleep engulfed her as soon as she closed her eyes. He caressed her face softly. His eyes screaming his love for her. His heart recited her name with every beat. His soul had her name imprinted on it. He drowned himself in the ocean of her love as his hand travelled from her forehead to her cheek. She pouted leaning onto his touch. He smiled noticing that.

       Leaning forward, he placed a soothing kiss on her forehead and slept holding her hand in his tightly.

Next morning,

      Annika was combing her hair when she felt a pair of lips on her cheek. She gasped.

      'Morning, sweetheart.' He whispered in her ear. She glared him. He smiled cheekily knowing that it all was fake just to hide her blush.

      'What was that?' She asked trying to keep her voice stern as much as possible.

     'Arey you don't know. Let me show you again then...' He said dramatically leaning forward to kiss her cheek again but she walked two steps back. He chuckled looking at her frowning face. She was looking so cute while huffing.

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