❤Part 38❤

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     Shivaay went out of the hospital towards his car only to get riled up again seeing the car tyre punctured.

     'Dammit!' He muttered hitting his foot on the tyre. Gazing at his watch, he realised that he had just 45 minutes. He didn't have the time to change it. He needed to reach on time at any cost.

      He rubbed his temples inhaling sharply. He needed to relax his mind first. He very well knew his worked up mind wouldn't be of any help.

     He was standing when an auto stopped in front of him. He looked confused as the backside of the hospital was kind of an isolated place then how come this auto was here. But he shrugged his thoughts away. He had to reach his jaana as soon as possible. He glanced at the strange looking driver, who had his face covered while his eyes were completely red, before sitting in and they drove off to the court. The driver smirked messaging someone.

      Shivaay rubbed his palms looking around in tension. He hoped his Annika was fine. He knew she would be worried without him.

      They travelled for almost twenty-five minutes when Shivaay noticed that the driver took a wrong turn.

     'Hey! You took the wrong turn. We had to go left....' He spoke trying to maintain his calm.

      'Saab! This is the shortcut.' Came a reply to which shivaay frowned. He didn't have time for this nonsense. He wasn't new in Mumbai to not know the ways. He again looked at his watch, 10:45. Only fifteen minutes. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

      'Listen! Stop the auto.' He ordered sternly but the driver didn't budge. Instead, he increased the speed.

      'I said stop.' Shivaay again spoke angrily. His life was already messed up and this unknown man was adding more frustration.

      After five minutes, the auto stopped. Shivaay stepped down giving the money to the driver and turned to run but stopped seeing some local goons surrounding him. He looked at the so called driver who stood against him uncovering his face. They had weapons with them. So this all was a bloody plan. He squeezed his eyes in order to cool down his anger.

      'Listen! I'll pay you double the money that moron gave you. Just let me go for now.' He tried to manipulate them. They exchanged glances with each other thoughtfully. Shivaay thought they agreed. He smirked but his smirk died soon as they started laughing. He huffed exasperated.

      He tried to run but one of them caught him punching on his face. They started beating him. He tried to fight back but they were five in count. Moreover, his whole focus was on reaching the court soonish.

       He punched them back again trying to run away but whimpered in pain as the goon swayed the sword across his back. He fell on the ground not being able to bear the pain. They opened his shoes followed by socks to scratch his soles with the knives so that he couldn't run. He screamed in pain as they did it. They laughed seeing him whimpering. He breathed heavily. One of them tried to hurt him with the sword right across his heart but he held it with his hand tightly. His hand started bleeding but he fought back. He got up with difficulty beating them. It was as if he got a sudden unknown strength to fight back.

     Soon the goons laid on the ground crying in pain. He wiped the blood coming from his mouth. His watch showed 11:05. The hearing must have started.

      'Shitttt!' He muttered running only to stumble again. He composed himself taking deep breaths. He had to do it. It wasn't the time to fall weak. His back, his feet, his hand and forehead bleed. The scorching sun did no help. Though his wounds hurt terribly but his love for his jaana gave him enough motivation to not succumb to his pain.

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