❤Part 42❤

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       Both were getting ready in front of the mirror while stealing glances with each other. He placed his brush on the table when she forwarded the nuptial chain towards him. He looked at it before looking into her eyes. She was smiling.

     He smiled making her wear the chain recalling the previous times when both yearned for it. He realised how far they have come. Filling her partition with the vermillion, he kissed her forehead. She felt bliss.

      Both had their breakfast with the family and then came back to their room. They had taken leave for two days. Today evening was their reception as Shivaay had informed everyone. There were some praanis whose mouths needed to be shut and he very well knew the ways to deal with such shit.

      He was fiddling with his phone when Annika, who was sitting beside him on the couch, demanded him to search his name in her henna. He agreed heartily and placed his phone on the nearby table before holding her hands.

      Though he was quite excited at first but all his excitement went down the drain as he couldn't locate his name even after keen research for twenty minutes. Annika was getting frustrated now.

     'Shiv, be quick....' she muttered being bored.

      'Yeah yeah....' He whispered twisting her hands here and there with one hand while his other one was in his mouth since he was biting his nails in vexation.

     'I'll give you punishment..' she whined when he still couldn't find his name.

      'And may i know what kind of punishment?' He asked sweetly.

      She thought for a few minutes before smiling mischievously. He was smiling looking at her but her next words literally gave him a heart attack.

      'You won't touch me for a month.'

    'You...yoo....you can't be serious, jaana.' He gulped giving her a scared smile. She smiled cheekily.

       He instantly held her hands more tightly looking as carefully as he could. He cursed himself for not getting where his name was written. Annika chuckled looking at his scared face. She wasn't going to give any punishment but it was fun teasing him. It felt so good to see him being cranky like a toddler.

      His frown changed into a full blown smile when he found his name on her ring finger. Tracing it with his index finger, he kissed it. She smiled.

      He pulled her from her waist making her sit on his lap. She gasped clutching his shoulders.

     'Now, my reward time....' He whispered nuzzling in her hair.

     'Reward?' She looked confused.

     'I found my name, right? So i deserve a reward....' He replied gazing at her lips. She shivered under his gaze.

      He leaned forward to kiss but she pushed him getting up from his lap and stood beside the window blushing furiously. He went behind her and hugged her from behind.

      'Your blush is driving me crazy, jaana.' He spoke kissing her neck. She blushed more leaning into his touch. 

       He turned her around cupping her face. She parted her lips. He was about to kiss her when suddenly.......

      'Oops.' Came a voice making Shivaay groan and Annika giggle.

      They looked towards the door to see Rudra and Annay who stood there covering their eyes.

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