❤Part 26❤

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   Next day, Shivaay was making breakfast for Pinki as he used to do. Since his marriage, they had somewhat broke the monotony of him cooking for her. So he thought to do it again in order to seek the forgiveness from his mother. His mother, she meant the world to him. If not for her, he would have died long back. She was the only reason he was living after his breakup with Annika. In no way he can let her stay angry on him. Neither can he see her indifference.

      Pinki was sitting in the dining room to have her breakfast. Shivaay came there with her favourite aloo ke paranthe that too made by him. He kept the plate in front of her and served her the food. Others came too and occupied their seats. Shivaay looked at Pinki expectantly but she got up from her seat.

     'Maa, khaana....' He whispered holding her hand.

     'Bhookh mar gyi meri.'('My appetite died.') She said coldly freeing her hand from his hold and left towards her room. He closed his eyes sighing. This was getting unbearable. He just left from there without looking at anyone.

      Annika observed all this silently. She looked at the food he served for Pinky. She took the plate in her hands and went to Pinki's room. Reaching there, she saw Pinki sitting on the bed closing her eyes. She sat in front of her. Pinki opened her eyes. Annika tore the morsel from the parantha and dipping it in the curd, she forwarded it towards Pinki. Looking at Annika's face, Pinki knew that she won't take a no so she ate what Annika offered. Pinki made her eat too. Annika relished the taste of his hand made food.

     'Maa, i must say your son is a great chef.' Annika spoke while eating. Pinki gave a faint smile.

     'I wish i could also say that he is a great human.' Pinki sighed saying this.

     Annika held her hands.

    'Maa, i know you are angry on him. But he is not bad.'

    Pinki narrowed her eyes at Annika.

    'I'm not justifying his actions. Neither i'm gonna forgive him. It's just that i don't want you to be angry on him. Maa, it's our matter, mine and his. I want to deal with it myself. I don't want any interference in all this.' Annika expressed her thoughts. Pinki contemplated over it. Annika observed her. She could see that her mother in law was still not convinced. She tried again.

     'Maa, i know you love me as much as you love him. But you shouldn't forget what he did for you. You are his world. He's living for you only. He has worked day and night to give this beautiful life you are living. And at this point of time, he needs you maa. If not you then who would support him. He was controlling his tears when you came here leaving you breakfast. If i'm hurt then he's no less. I made a mistake by comparing him with his father and now you did the same. You know i could see the same pain in his eyes which i saw seven years ago. His father is the person he hates the most and we just declared him to be like him.......a...wo...womaniser.....'

      Pinki kept looking at Annika without any particular expression on her face. She knew Annika was right but she needed time so she asked Annika to go and give her some time. Annika agreed and left for her hospital.

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