❤Part 12❤

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     Shivaay was sitting in his room in the balcony looking at the moon thinking about annika. His heart and mind were having conflicts regarding her making his already messed up life more boggling. He wasn't able to deny the fact that he felt good after spending some time with her in his car. He felt relieved with her kiss. But his stubborn mind wasn't letting his heart win.

Heart: Do you really want to take revenge?

Mind: You should after what she did to you.

Heart: But she was helpless.

Mind: Stop making excuses man.

Heart: But will you be able to see her being hurt?

Mind: If she can do it then why can't you?

Heart: But it wasn't her intention.

Mind: Still she did it.

Heart: How can you make her cry when your heart still bleeds seeing her tears?

Mind: Did she care about your tears?

Heart: She loved me.

Mind: Not more than you loved her.

Heart: What about the efforts she's doing to get back to you now?

Mind: Then take revenge first and then accept her.

Heart: Won't it be injustice to her feelings?

Mind: She did the same too.

        And his heart couldn't get any further argument to make making him succumb to his mind. His mind won and a smirk played on his lips. He knew what he had to do and was all ready to execute his plan.

      'Get ready to face the real SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI annika.' He thought doing his famous hair flick.


       There annika too was looking at the moon with a wide smile on her face. She couldn't forget the feeling of being so close to him after so long. A blush appeared on her face recalling the kiss. She didn't know how she got the courage to kiss him being a blushika always.

      She recalled the time when she tried to hold his hand for the very first time......


       Both were roaming in a park keeping a distance of few mm in them. Six months passed since they stepped into a relationship. Their bond grew the strongest with passing time. Both became the bestest of friends to each other. Not even a single day passed when they didn't meetShivaay would often help her to bring the notes which she needed for her study. He never let her avoid her studies. He even decided the time limit for their calls as he can't let their relationship affect her career. But sometimes all this became hell irritating for annika because he always stuck to his words. No matter what but he never called her during her study time. Even when she called he either declined the call or asked her to study while she always sulked.

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