❤Part 23❤

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'I'M SORRY, SHE IS NO......NOT responding to the treatment. Her condition is extremely critical. Her head is severely injured with glass pieces. I'm afraid that if she doesn't wake up soon then she may slip into coma.' The doctor threw a bomb on them. Harsh, Avantika and Pinky cried but Shivaay, he was lost. He felt as if someone pulled out the soul from his body. He felt his limbs going numb. His eyes continued to shed tears. His breathing shallow.

The doctor again went inside the ICU. They prayed for Annika's wellness. Shivaay just kept staring at the ICU door like a lost soul. His heart was busy sending uncountable prayers to God to keep her safe. He cursed himself for doing that to her, to his Annika, his love, his jaana. He wished to kill himself but not before seeking her forgiveness.

The doctor came out with a dejected face. Everyone rushed to him with a hope in their hearts. Their ears yearned to hear some good news but the next words they heard shattered their hearts.

'We tried a lot but, she slipped into coma.'

      Shivaay leaned to the nearby wall for support. He felt his life going away from him. Everything was slipping away from his hands and he couldn't do anything. He felt everything around him revolving. He tried hard to keep his eyes open but soon, darkness engulfed him and he fell unconscious.......


      He woke up to see himself on the hospital bed. Pinky was sitting beside him. He observed his surroundings and got up with a jerk.

     'Annika....' He whispered looking at Pinki who silently cried looking down. He started to get up but Pinki stopped him.

     'Shivaay, you should take rest. You are weak, beta.' She cried holding his shoulders.

     'No maa, my Annika needs me....she needs me...maa...my Annika....my jaana.......' He was getting restless trying to come out of Pinki's hold. She cried looking at her son.

       She was scared for him. Doctors told that his heart condition triggered today. He had a heart attack seven years ago, the day Annika left him. In all these years, his heart condition turned more severe. He had faced cardiac arrest three times but now, after meeting Annika, he was all fine. Today, extreme stress led to a mini heart attack. Pinki didn't want to lose him. He was her only family except Annika. She prayed for both her children.

      Shivaay somehow got himself out of her hold and ran towards ICU. He won't get peace until he sees Annika. He entered the room to see her lying on the bed with so many wires attached to her. Her head was completely dressed. Few blood clots were still visible. His heart ached seeing her like this. He held himself responsible for her this condition. If he wouldn't have continued his so called revenge then she would have been all fit and fine.

      He sat beside her and held her hand as softly as possible in order to not hurt her. Slowly, he brought the back of her palm towards his lips and gave her a small peck over it. His tears again started falling. He kept her hand on his heart.

       'Annika! Baby, suno na. Why are you doing it?......I'm....I'm so.....sorry na....pl...please don't punish me.....i can't.....i can't see....you like this. Please na jaana.....you can beat me, slap me, even kill me for my deeds....but please don't be like this.....get up na....your shivaay....your shivaay will die.....baby please......don't do this...i...i promise..i won't hurt you ever again...jaana please.' He cried hard leaning onto her. There wasn't any movement in her. He kept pleading but nothing happened.

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