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    Okay so this is my little attempt to make you all happy....though it won't come anytime soon😁😁 and it's just a trailer 😅


'I'm missing my mom..so i'll sleep with Pinky maa today.'

      As soon as these words escaped Annika's mouth, Shivaay looked at her as if she had grown horns.

     'Are you serious, Annika?' He asked giving her you-got-to-be-kidding-me look. She nodded. Pinki looked confused at all this but soon understood that Annika was teasing her son as Annika secretly winked at her..........

     She peeped through the door of their room to see him sitting on the bed with a sulking face.

     'What the hell? Aise kon karta hai yaar? Konsi dulhan apni first night ko apni maa ke saath soti hai?' ('Who does this? Which bride sleeps with her mother on her first night?') He frowned talking to himself. She chuckled listening to his self talk........................



   'What are we gonna do?'

     'What kind of question is this, Shivaay? We will do what people generally do at night.' She shrugged her shoulders biting back her smile.

     'Ek second, how do you know what people do at night?' He frowned.

     'Isn't it obvious, Shiv? Everyone sleeps at night, no?' She raised her eyebrows.

     'You mean to say we are gonna sleep on our first night....'

    'Of course, i'm too sleepy today......' she faked a yawn. He frowned more..........



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