❤Part 9❤

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       Shivaay was working in his cabin when he heard a knock on his cabin door. He asked the person to come in but got shocked seeing her again flashing her ever charming smile to him.

      'Good morning SIR' she said emphasising sir while he looked bewildered.

      'Morning Ms. Trivedi! Your purpose for coming here?'

      'Woh! Sir you didn't send those papers after signing and our.....i mean your hospital needs those papers.' She again smiled saying that. Only she knew the happiness she felt when she got to know that he didn't send the papers back which meant a golden chance to meet him again which she was badly looking for.

      He took the papers from his table and forwarded them towards her which she took. The smile still on her face making it hard for him to control from kissing her hell out seeing those tempting lips. He chided himself for thinking like that.

     She was standing there looking at him continously not wanting to go but she didn't even has a valid reason to stay there. Her heart yearned to see him for some more time but she couldn't. He asked her to go as her work was done to which she nodded making a sad face. He rolled his eyes.

       She was about to go when a girl entered his cabin. She was wearing a crop top with blue denims.

      'Hey shivaay!' She said cheerfully. Shivaay looked in that direction and smiled widely.

      'Hey Jennifer! How have you been girl?'

       She smiled hugging him. Well she was his friend cum business parter. He hugged her back.

     Annika was crushing the ward papers with her hands in jealousy looking at both of them. She so wanted to push Jennifer away from him for that hug. Needless to say, that was a formal hug.

     'Oh god! Dekho toh kaise chipak rahi hai mere shivaay se. Cheapdi kahin ki. Aur yeh mahashay bhi enjoy kar rahe hain. Koi nhi baad me btaungi tumhe toh main pehle iss cheapdi se nipat loon.'('Just look at her how she's getting close to my shivaay. Such a cheapskate. And this mister is also enjoying. No problem i'll tell you later first let me deal with this cheapster.') She murmured seeing them so close.

      She cleared her throat deliberately telling them especially him that she was also there. They both parted away but his hand was still on her shoulder while her was around his torso. Annika gave a murderous glance to him. He observed her expressions and bit the insides of his cheeks to control his smile seeing the jealous billi. This had always been her weakness and he always loved to tease her.

       'Shivaay! Who's she?' Asked Jennifer pointing at her.

      'Woh! She's just an employee.' He replied casually. She was hurt but immediately plastered a smile on her face which he knew was fake. She wasn't going to give up.

      'Oh! Hey! I'm Jennifer. Shivaay's friend and business partner.'

     Annika smiled.

     'Hi! I'm Dr. Annika Trivedi.'

     'Ms. Trivedi! If you could go from here since i want to discuss something important with jenni.' He interrupted them.

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