❤Part 1❤

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Trivedi House, Mumbai

        Annika was sleeping peacefully when her alarm broke her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight coming from the window. Rubbing her eyes she sat on the bed crossing her legs. She took her mobile and a faint smile formed across her lips seeing the picture of someone special as her wallpaper. She kissed over the screen muttering an inaudible 'I love you'.

       It was her daily routine since last seven years. She never started her day without seeing his picture. She always felt her day to be incomplete without this. Though this picture always brought those bitter memories to her but this gave her peace as well. If not him then she had his memories atleast and that were enough for her to live her life till the time he won't come back to her.

       Sighing sadly she got up and went to the restroom to get ready for the day.

      After getting ready to go to her hospital, she went outside in the hall where her parents were having their breakfast. They both looked at her and smiled.

      'Good morning annika' they both said together to which she just wished them formally without any cheeriness in her voice like she used to do before seven years. Though they felt hurt with her this behaviour but they were happy that atleast she was talking to them.

    Having her breakfast she was about to go when her father stopped her. She looked back at him.

     'Beta! I'm going through the way to your hospital so let me drop you.'

      'It's okay papa. I have my own car so you need not worry.' She left making him feel sad again.

      Avantika kept her hand on his shoulder to give him strength. He sighed sadly. A single incident snatched their daughter from them and they just couldn't do anything about it.........


      Annika reached her hospital and went to her cabin. A nurse entered to inform her about her schedule. There were five surgeries to be performed. She sighed. It was gonna be a tiring day.

       She was reading the reports of a person whose surgery was to be performed first when her senior doctor came inside.

     'Good morning sir.' She wished him.

      'Good morning Dr. Annika. Actually i came here to inform you that the new owner of this hospital is coming tomorrow to see everything. Since you are our best doctor i want you to look after everything.' Said the doctor calmly.

      She nodded. 'Don't worry sir. I'll handle everything.' Saying this she left from there to attend her patients.......


Oberoi Mansion, Mumbai

     'Tada! Here you go with your hot and steamy aloo ke paranthe maa.' Spoke shivaay placing the plate on dining table in front of his mother, pinky. She smiled looking at him.

      Sitting in front of her, he tore a bite of the parantha and fed her after dipping it in the curd. She ate it happily. He looked at her with anticipating eyes. Though he knew her answer but still he wanted to listen to her review over his cooking.

      It was his routine. He made different delecacies for her everyday and made her eat with his own hands. Her single praise for the food made by him can make his day. Her smile was all what he was living for.

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