❤Part 19❤

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Two weeks passed by but nothing changed. Neither Shivaay wanted to talk to Annika nor she tried to initiate any conversation with him. Annika was still not over the fact that he did all this for his so called revenge. She was unable to think rationally. Her mind was all boggled up with the unexpected happenings.

      She joined her hospital again as she had taken a leave for their wedding. Both would go to their respective works and after coming back, they would go to sleep. Although they tried to behave normal in front of Pinky but she noticed their unusual behaviour. She often observed the tension between the two but thought to not interfere as she thought that both were mature enough to deal with their problems. Only if she knew.

    At night, they were having their dinner including Pinky when Shivaay cleared his throat as he wanted to say something. Annika and Pinky looked at him.

     'Maa! Woh.....actually......there's a deal....actually a very important deal....and i have to go to London for it.....' He spoke hesitating a bit as he very well knew Pinky would be angry on him for leaving her innocent and lovely daughter in law alone.

     'For how many days?' Pinky asked raising her eyebrows.

    'Two......two mon....months.' He said closing his eyes as if preparing himself for listening to Pinky's shout.

      'Ohhh my maata.' Pinky exclaimed looking at him angrily.

     Annika too looked at him. Her eyes glistened. She knew he was doing it intentionally in order to ignore her. He was aware of the fact that she would be unhappy without him being there. They both knew no matter what but both couldn't withstand each other's absence. Although their relation wasn't in any good state but both couldn't deny the fact that they loved each other like anything and everything. Shivaay let his mind dominate and Annika let her heart rule over her mind.

      Annika knew that he was hurt but his revenge thing didn't go well with her. Their relation wasn't this much weak that he would stoop so low to take revenge. Nevertheless, she decided to give it a chance. She decided to heal his wounds with her love. He needed love and care which she would give him. She would mend his broken soul and make him her old Shivaay.

     Pinky's loud voice broke her reverie.

     'Two months? Do you even know what are you saying, Shivaay? What will my daughter do here?'

     'Maa! She has her own work and my deal is important.' He tried to make her understand but she was adamant. Both mother son kept arguing while Annika just sat there looking at the duo.

       Shivaay's stubbornness was slowly decreasing but Pinky was firm on her decision of not letting him go.

     'Please, maa.' He made a puppy face. Pinky looked away as she knew she couldn't deny that adorable face.

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