❤Part 2❤

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      It was half past nine in the night when she was going back to her home after an extremely tiring day but suddenly turned her car towards the beach. She often went there to get some peace in her not so peaceful life. Her heart always felt calm and relaxed in the tranquil atmosphere of the beach.

       After driving for half an hour she reached there and going out of the car she sat over the sand looking at the waves of water. The flowing waves provided her a sensation of relaxation. Since it was night there were only few people roaming here and there.

       She was sitting lost in her thoughts staring at nothing particular. She was reminiscing the time which she had spent with him, her love, her life. That was the most beautiful time of her life but unfortunately it didn't last for long. She wasn't going to forget those memories no matter how much she tried. She missed him. She craved for him, his love. She still had a little bit of hope in the corner of her heart that he would come back to her. Even if to take revenge from her as he said but still she was waiting.

        She was in a daze when she felt his presence around her. Her heart started beating fastly. She looked around frantically searching for him. Her eyes yearned for his single glimpse. She knew he was there. She could feel it.

     She looked here and there and finally spotted him standing at some distance from her. He was back facing her. She knew it was him. Her heart knew it was him. Her heart can never fail to recognise him. She started waking towards him. Reaching close to him, she was about to place her hand over his shoulder when a child fell down in front of her while playing. She bent down to help the kid and when she stood up, he wasn't there. She looked everywhere possible but he was gone again. He left again. She sighed sadly. Her eyes glistened with tears. Her knees felt week. She couldn't stand on her feet. She sat with a thud on the sand. 'Pl.....please...com.....come back..please...I'm sorry....please.' She cried.

        She was crying when her phone rang disturbing her. She looked at the caller Id. It was her mother. She calmed herself and wiping her tears, picked up the call. 'I'm coming maa. No need to worry.' She cut the call saying this without even listening to her mother.

     After spending some more time there she finally left to her home............


       Shivaay entered his home when pinky approached him.

       'Where were you shivaay? I was calling you but you didn't pick up my call.' She said caressing his face.

     'Woh maa! I wanted to have some fresh air so went to a nearby beach.' He replied.

     'Achaa! Tujhe pta hai na kl kya hai?'('You remember na what's tomorrow?')

     He sighed.

    'Yes! My birthday.' He said uninteresting-ly.

     'Yes! And we'll celebrate it tomorrow.' Said pinky chirping.

      'Maa! You know na i don't like all this.'

   'But why? You aren't celebrating anything since last seven years. Just because she left you, you can't stop living your life.' Pinky tried to make him understand. He closed to his eyes tightly to control his anger he felt listening about her.

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