❤Part 31❤

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    Pardon me for this filler chappy. I don't know whether you guys will like it or not because i myself am not satisfied with it😞

Shivaay descended down the stairs looking completely fresh even after having a terrible headache few minutes ago. The wide smile on his face was clearly giving away his happiness. His eyes were sparkling with joy. He felt overjoyed. The chance he was looking for since so many days was his today and he knew he will never lose this golden chance. He will do anything and everything to set everything right between them.

      He looked towards the dining table where everyone was having breakfast laughing over Rudra's lame jokes. He went towards them.

     'Good morning, maa.' He wished Pinki hugging her from back and kissed her cheek. She smiled patting his cheek and wished him back.

     'Morning, idiots.' He sat over his seat and wished others as well. His smile just not taking the name of leaving his face. He looked at Annika who was eating her breakfast silently without caring about anything else. Only if he knew.

      'Shivaay, we know you have brushed your teeth. No need to show any toothpaste ad here.' It was Rudra who spoke mischievously seeing shivaay showing his bateesi to Annika.

      'Shut up, Rudra.' Shivaay groaned making others giggle. Annika bit the insides of her cheeks in order to not smile. She glanced at him. He took looked at her but she was quick to look over the other side so as to not get caught by him. He gave a knowing smile to her.

      Breakfast ended on a good note. Everyone went to their respective works as Annika went to her room to fetch her belongings with shivaay following her.

     She took her phone and clutch. He kept looking at her wanting to say something.

     'Ummm....An...Annika.' He called her as she was about to step out of the room. She turned back to look at him.

      'Can you....can you drop me at the office today?' He asked slowly fearing that she would say no.

      'Your car?' She glanced at him inquisitive-ly.

      'Woh...it's...it's at servicing.' He stammered looking here and there.

       She found his behaviour somewhat suspicious but nodded nevertheless. Asking him to come soon, she left from there.

       As soon as she left, he started dancing like a maniac as if she had proposed him. He was busy dancing when she came back as she forgot her watch only to get amused seeing him dancing.

       She cleared her throat deliberately to break his moment of joy. His eyes travelled to her and he stopped abruptly being embarrassed. His arms still in air and one leg up from the floor. She bit over her lower lip to control her laughter seeing his embarrassed yet cute face.

       He looked here and there moving his arms as if he was doing some exercise. She chuckled.

     'Woh....umm...my arms were paining toh....Some exercise....ha...hahah...ha...exercise.' He blabbered going out of the room. She giggled hitting her forehead with her hand and left behind him after taking her watch.

       He was already sitting on the passenger seat in her car when she reached there. She looked behind to see his car parked. Her eyebrows wriggled understanding his ploy.

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