❤Part 39❤

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Shivaay opened his eyes slowly to realise that he was in the Shivjaana hospital. He smiled faintly realising that everything was sorted out. His gaze fell on his mother who was sitting beside his bed on a chair. His friends had surrounded his bed.

Pinky caressed his head. They asked about his health. He assured them that he was fine. Though he still felt immense pain in his wounds.

He scanned the whole room but his eyes couldn't locate the one his heart longed for.

He questioned his mother and friends with his eyes who gave a him a beta tu toh gayo look. He gulped understanding their meaning. How could he forget that his junglee billi would eat him raw for the stunt he pulled today?

They all had seen Annika's stern face throughout the journey to the hospital. She didn't say a word but her expressions said it all. Her silence felt the calm before the storm. She was angry on him for putting his life in danger. Although she knew that he did all that for her only but also knew that nothing was more important to her than him. Only she knew what she felt seeing him in that terrible condition. His wounds hurt her more than those hurt him.

      They all left the room while he silently prayed for his oh so dear life which was in danger zone because of his wife. He was lost in mumbling incoherent words when he heard the door opening. He shut his eyes knowing very well who would it be.

       Annika looked at him crossing her arms across her chest. His squeezed eyes gave away his pretense. She waited patiently for him to stop his nautanki.

       He opened his one eye only to close it again seeing her glaring him. She rolled her eyes sitting beside him. She poked his shoulder with her index finger. He knew now there was no way to escape. Slowly opening his eyes, he passed a shivery smile to her. She shot him a hard glare.

    'Ba...ba...bbb...babyyyy! Why....why are you...he...here? You should ggggg....go and chhh...check your patients na....' He stuttered speaking with a sugar coated voice. Her expression still blank. He cried inwardly.

       'Jaana, i'm fine.' He thought this would do as she was just worried for him. But she didn't say anything. Instead, she pressed his wounded hand lightly making him wince.

      'Jaana, i'm fine.' She mimicked him huffing in anger. He smiled cutely.

     He was going to have a tough time handling this fierce lioness.

Two days later,

        She fed him the last spoon of the soup before wiping his mouth which he had without any tantrum fearing that she would burst on him. He was discharged yesterday since he didn't want to stay in the hospital environment.

      Annika hadn't talked to him even once. She would do everything from his medicines to his sleep but wouldn't say a word. She would let him sleep keeping his head in her lap but wouldn't let a word escape her mouth.

     At first, she had decided to take his class but later decided against it. She knew her silence would be the best punishment for him. Atleast, he would think twice before putting his life at stake again.

      Shivaay felt sad with her behaviour. He wanted her to talk to him but she was giving him a hard time. He wanted her to say something even if it meant scolding him for his deeds. But her indifference hurt, badly and deeply.

      He looked down when she gazed at him. He didn't want her to see the pain in his eyes. He didn't want her to feel that she was hurting him. But she wasn't any fool to not understand anything. She could clearly see that he was trying to hide his sadness. But could really do? No way!

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