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Hoes mad

Jeongyeon: so they lost their shit


Jimmy: no we dIDNT

Nayeon: bro tell me everything

Jeongyeon: alright so we were all like waiting in tae's room

Jeongyeon: it was 9 when we all got there

Jeongyeon: then 10 then 11 then 12 then 1 am

Jeongyeon: and jimin was just pacing around joonie was playing with his hands hobi was trying not to panic and kook was dancing

Nayeon: dancing?

Jeongyeon: he said that it helped him remain calm

Jeongyeon: so hobi and jimin looked at each other got up and started dancing too

Jeongyeon: and then hobi jimin and kook were like [breakdancing softly] joonie was like [amused clapping along] and I was in a corner [smile and nod]

Nayeon: 😔✊

Jeongyeon: and it was like 6 am everyone was slowly losing it when...

Nayeon: when.......

Jeongyeon: when there was a knock on the door.....

Nayeon: oh no....

Jeongyeon: yes everyone started screaming at the same time and I opened the door ...

Nayeon: and???

Jeongyeon: and Mina was there

Nayeon: i-

Jeongyeon: you don't understand jimin started laughing hysterically kook started crying hobi was almost screaming and joonie was just confused in a corner

Jimmy: it was great😀

Jeongyeon: Mina comes in the room and she is like,, look who I found outside

Nayeon: nO

Jeongyeon: YES

Jeongyeon: okay you don't understand how bad it was

Jeongyeon: I saw a glimpse of their hair before hobi jimin kook and joonie ran towards the door

Jeongyeon: bro there was screaming a lot of hugging and crying (probably kook)

Jeongyeon: mina was endeared but I was terrified

Nayeon: poor bby😔✊

Jimmy: this ain't our fault😔

Jeongyeon: and after like thirty minutes
/thIRTY/ everyone calmed down a bit

Jeongyeon: and I could see joonie hugging jinie happily kook and jimin both sitting on tae and kissing him? Hugging him? Idk

Jeongyeon: and hobi kissing tiny all over his face and tiny giggling

Jeongyeon: it was too cute so mina was like,, let's leave them alone and I was like,, 😀👍 and we left

Jeongyeon: I literally didn't see anYONE cos their boyfriends were too busy loving them

Jeongyeon: and then I slept

Jeongyeon: and I don't what happened to them

Nayeon: damn😔

Jimmy: I guess nothing?

Jimmy: we just stayed there for a while and then everyone was like,, let's sleep and tomorrow we can talk about everything

Jimmy: so we all went to sleep

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