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Hoseokie: baby

Y: yea?

Hoseokie: are you coming to jennie's party tonight?

Y: yes..

Hoseokie: UWU ME TOO

Hoseokie: if you i repeat IF you wanna meet me I'll be somewhere far away from y*ongi

Y: 🗿

Y: why?

Hoseokie: it's the first time after three weeks that we'll be in the same room

Hoseokie: when I say room I mean house

Hoseokie: wait i mean close

Hoseokie: now I think about it we are together in a class 🤔

Hoseokie: but I'm not sitting next to him anymore

Hoseokie: and he is sitting with Chanyeol😒😒😒😒😒😒

Hoseokie: and anyways this time my friends will be there

Hoseokie: and he is one of my friends

Hoseokie: I think

Hoseokie: so we will be close cos I'll be with my friends and he will be there too

Hoseokie: wait what was I saying

Y: 🗿I honestly don't know

Hoseokie: I really miss sharing a room with him:(

Y: oh?

Hoseokie: i miss petting and kissing holly

Hoseokie: but sometimes I go to the room when he is not there

Y: 🗿

Y: 🗿that's creepy

Hoseokie: hm yea

Hoseokie: but I just play with holly for some time until he comes back

Hoseokie: then I leave before he sees me

Y: it's not like he is gonna be angry at you or anything

Hoseokie: I know:(

Hoseokie: I miss him too ig

Y: .. mhm

Hoseokie: I miss cuddling with him and actually sleeping

Y: where do you sleep now?

Hoseokie: oh um here and there

Y: do you sleep at all?

Hoseokie: sometimes..

Hoseokie: but it's not that bad I guess

Hoseokie: I'm used to it

Y: he won't mind having you back

Y: even as a friend

Y: he just

Y: he wants you to sleep

Y: and be healthy

Hoseokie: he told you that?

Y: yes

Hoseokie: how close are you two?

Y: ... really close

Hoseokie: how have I never seen you?

Y: 🗿idk

Hoseokie: he hasn't mentioned you either

Hoseokie: ugh it's fine ig

Hoseokie: I just want to actually see you and talk to you

Hoseokie: you're the only one that knows me that much

Y: really?

Hoseokie: yeah I feel people would judge me

Y: your friends wouldn't judge you

Hoseokie: I dont know that..

Y: I'm sure they all love you

Y: and they would support you no matter what

Hoseokie: maybe one day when the time is right I'll open up to them

Y: they would be happy trust me

Hoseokie: right..

Hoseokie: um

Hoseokie: did you know one of my friend's can't talk?

Y: yeah

Hoseokie: she had a traumatic experience in the past and she never spoke again

Hoseokie: do you think that's weird?

Y: not at all

Hoseokie: me too

Hoseokie: she is really cute

Y: yeah she is

Hoseokie: I have one other friend , the one I told you before, who can't walk

Y: yes I know

Hoseokie: he can move and do almost anything but walk

Hoseokie: If I remember correctly his muscles are weak I dont remember the name of the disorder

Y: muscular dystrophy

Hoseokie: YES

Hoseokie: wow you're so smart

Hoseokie: and anyway I always admired him

Hoseokie: he really doesn't care about anything or anyone

Hoseokie: I wanna be like him

Y: he is amazing really

Hoseokie: do you think he is weird?

Y: no of course not

Hoseokie: me too I love him🥰

Hoseokie: I think he is perfectly fine the way he is the fact he can't walk doesn't say much

Y: I wish more people could see it like you do

Hoseokie: me too

Y: seokie what's your point with all of this?

Hoseokie: oh um

Y: you can say anything

Y: you know i wont judge you

Hoseokie: I know you won't

Hoseokie: but idk:(

Y: if you ever feel ready to talk about anything..

Y: I'll be here

Hoseokie: i know

Hoseokie: thank you baby

Y: you're welcome seokie

Hoseokie: I love you

Y: i love you too💕

Hoseokie: ☺❤

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