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Tae's babies

Taehyung added Jungkook and Jimin

Taehyung: so

Jungkook: 🤠

J: what the fuck is this

Taehyung: we need to talk

J: no shit

Jungkook: hehe🤠

Taehyung: can you tell us what bothers you exactly?

J: I told you already

Taehyung: you wanted to talk

Taehyung: so let's talk

J: I already told you

J: I feel like you both see me as something you can play with and leave it when you don't need it

Taehyung: okay..

Jungkook: :(

J: I felt that with hoseok too

J: but whatever it was not that big of a deal

J: and now you two

J: the people I trust the most

Taehyung: that's not true minnie

Taehyung: we care about you so much

Taehyung: you are literally my best friend. my soulmate

Taehyung: I'm sorry if I made you feel like that

Jungkook: me too 🤠

Jungkook: but really I'm sorry😞

J: but you still don't know what we are..

Taehyung: ..

Jungkook: 🤠😔😔

J: right

Taehyung: look kook and i sometimes talk about it

Taehyung: about you..

Jungkook: yeah🤠

J: and say..?

Taehyung: lots of things

Taehyung: like the fact that we both care about you so much

Taehyung: and the past few weeks have been confusing

Jungkook: yeah like remember one day we were in our room🤠

Jungkook: and you were screaming at me🤠🤠

Jungkook: but I couldn't hear you cos I had my airpods🤠🤠🤠

Jungkook: and then you climbed on me and came really close to my face and said

Jungkook: next time don't ignore me baby

Jungkook: and then the room became 26171% hotter 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

Jungkook: but then you left and then I told tae and he didn't care and I was like

Jungkook: omg 😮😮

Jungkook: and then the other time in class when..

Jungkook: 😔😔😔😔😔😔

Jungkook: and then again tae didn't care when I told him

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