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Cr: bloominflowers


Yoongi: 😠

Nayeon: omg a babie

Jeongyeon: aw tiny

Jinie🌻: UWU

Yoongi: no I'm angry

Jimmy: awwww

Jcock: omg😔😔😔

Yoongi: you are not helping😔

Tea: yall stfu something happened to my cousin

Jeongyeon: omg tiny what happened

Nayeon: I bet it's het👊

Yoongi: yes:(

Nayeon: lesbians we ride at dawn

Jcock: let's go 😠👊👊👊👊👊👊

Jeongyeon: I'm right behind you👊👊

Namjohn: what did queen hobi do now?🤩🤩🤩🤩

Yoongi: i want to wear a skirt

Nayeon: OMG YES😍😍😍😍😍

Jeongyeon: so wear one

Hoebi: no

Yoongi: see?:(

Nayeon: het I love you but I won't hesitate attacking👊

Jimmy: yoongi wear whatever you want

Tea: yeah cousin

Hoebi: look I'm just trying to protect my roommate

Yoongi: from what?

Hoebi: you want to wear a skirt with bare legs

Yoongi: yea its cute☺️

Hoebi: what if you get cold??

Jimmy: ...


Jeongyeon: whAT iF yOu gEt cOLd?? Broo

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Jeongyeon: whAT iF yOu gEt cOLd?? Broo..

Hoebi: it's almost December

Nayeon: as a wise woman once said,, a hoe nEVER gets cold

Yoongi: what she said.

Nayeon: ugh yoongie the intellectuals we are today😍😍😍😍

Yoongi: plus I wear shorts sometimes

Jcock: omg remember yoongs with his hoodie and shorts?

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