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A look in the past~

H: hiiiiiiii

Roommate: hi?

H: this is Hoseok

H: I asked for your number earlier

Roommate: um?

H: the guy who sat with you and your friends today?

Roommate: ohhh

Roommate: hiii hoseok

H: I just wanted to check if we are gonna be roommates or not

Roommate: we definitely will be

Roommate: they gave me the papers today


H: I will finally have a nice roommate

H: wait.. you are nice right??

Roommate: I

Roommate: I think?

H: great😁

H: so we are already besties

Roommate: ... we are?


H: or we will be

Roommate: okay then☺️

H: man you are like really big

H: and you also look like a baby

H: a big baby

H: omg wait

Roommate: uh okay?

H: done

Bigbaby: what's done?

H: nothing😁

H: soooooo bestie

Bigbaby: yes?

H: what's happening with your friends?

Bigbaby: ....

Bigbaby: what's happening with my friends?

H: I mean

H: is anyone dating?

H: who is single?

Bigbaby: oh

Bigbaby: we are all single

Bigbaby: except tae and kook

H: oh yea I know about them

H: you are not dating the other cute big guy?

Bigbaby: oh no we are just...

Bigbaby: friends ig

H: oh...

H: what about the other two?

Bigbaby: jimin and yoongi?

H: yes

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