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⚠️ mentions of rape/trauma ⚠️

Y: uuh hi

Jeongy: hiiiiii tiny

Y: where are you?

Jeongy: we arrived at the station

Jeongy: hobi and yeonie are talking to some officers

Y: oh

Jeongy: did anything happen?

Y: no

Jeongy: is joonie there?

Y: yea..

Jeongy: okay then💓 we'll be back in an hour or so

Y: okay

Jeongy: 💘💕💖💓💕

Y: um jeongy

Y: can uh

Y: can we talk

Y: for a while?

Y: unless you are busy

Y: or you don't want to talk right now

Jeongy: tinyyy ofc I can

Jeongy: I'm just waiting for them so I don't have anything to do

Y: oh okay

Y: um about that night..

Jeongy: yes?💓

Y: i saw the messages you sent

Y: and uh

Jeongy: tell me💓💓

Y: I saw that you said a lot of things

Y: and you knew certain stuff

Y: and

Y: and you told seokie what to do and what not to do

Jeongy: yeah I know

Y: so I wanted to ask you...

Y: I mean you don't have to tell me

Y: but um

Jeongy: you want to ask how I knew these things?

Jeongy: and if I've experienced that?

Y: ...

Y: yea

Jeongy: I have

Y: you have?

Jeongy: yes

Y: oh

Y: I'm sorry:(

Jeongy: remember what I told you about my family?

Y: um yea..

Y: that they were mean

Y: and that they are in jail now

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