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Unknown: hey you

Y: aaand hes back

Unknown: so today I was fucking this guy and I was about to come but then I thought about this other guy that won't leave my mind and it totally ruined the mood

Y: I don't know what to do with that information

Unknown: and it was kinda awkward afterwards but hey whatever it was just a random guy that I probably will never see again

Y: right

Unknown: you seem like a nice guy

Unknown: Wait

Unknown: You're a boy right?

Y: yes

Unknown: you seem cute

Y: thanks?

Y: I don't even know your name or how old you are

Y: You could be 67 or something

Unknown: what's wrong with being 67?

Y: it would be creepy

Unknown: are you underage?

Y: are you?

Unknown: I'm 20

Y: I'm 21

Unknown: 21 huh? 😏

Unknown: What if we live in the same city?

Unknown: Or what if we are neighbours 😲

Y: Well I hope not

Unknown: where do you live?

Y: I'm not gonna tell you

Unknown: why? ;-;

Y: because I don't know you

Unknown: yet;)

Y: I don't even know your name

Unknown: you can call me Hope😀✨

Y: hope?

Unknown: yup

Y: that's your real name?

Unknown: well

Unknown: You can call me that for now

Y: sure hope

Hope: what's your name cutie?

Y: don't call me cutie

Y: And I won't tell you

Hope: what? Why?

Hope: I did

Y: you told me your nickname not your name

Hope: tell me your nickname too

Hope: I have to call you something

Y: idc

Hope: give me a letter

Y: no

Hope: just one a letter

Y: n o

Hope: I will annoy you all night

Y: Ugh

Y: S

Hope: S?

Hope: Steven

Y: no

Hope: Shrek

Y: I'll pretend I didn't see that

Hope: Stacy

Y: that's a girl's name dumbass

Hope: well uh

Y: just stop

Y: Call me suga

Hope: suga?

Y: yes

Hope: that's the worst nickname I have ever heard

Y: I didn't ask for an opinion

Hope: you want me to call you suga?

Y: I don't care how you are gonna call me hope

Hope: suga is bad

Hope: Tell me your real name

Y: you didn't

Hope: ..

Hope: Okay

Hope: Suga for now

Y: I'm gonna go eat

Hope: go eat cutie I'll come back tomorrow

Y: I'm sure you will

Hope: ;) 😚

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