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Y: seokie:(

Y: I miss you

Y: like

Y: very very very

Y: very

Y: veryveryveryvery

Y: much

Y: :(

Y: why did you leave me

Y: here

Y: alone

Y: 🥺🥺🥺

Y: pls come back

Y: I don't like being alone

Y: pls:(

Hoseokie: yoon

Hoseokie: i went to the store.....

Y: :(

Y: I don't like being alone

Hoseokie: baby I left FIVE minutes ago

Hoseokie: literally

Y: I know:(

Hoseokie: what did you tell me?

Y: that I'll be okay here alone and won't get sad☺️

Hoseokie: and what did you

Y: I'm not okay and I got sad🥺

Hoseokie: omg

Y: :(

Hoseokie: baby how manY TIMES-

Y: :(((

Hoseokie: how do you survive at work when you don't see me for hoURS

Y: I cry🥺

Y: but then I do my work cos I love my job☺️

Y: but I'm sad🥺

Y: but then you text me and I'm happy☺️

Y: and then I'm sad again 🥺

Y: until I get home and see you☺️

Hoseokie: I-

Y: cos I love uuuuu☺️

Hoseokie: hshdehehehSHS

Hoseokie: I can't even go to the store and get tWO things because you say things like tHAT that make me wanna run and hug and kiss you for hours and that's not fair cos I wanted to bake a fucking cake and now I'm running home because you are being cute agAIN and I love you 😠😠😠

Y: ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Y: I love you

Y: seokieeeeee

Y: the bestest boyfriend☺️

Hoseokie: no me😠💖

Y: ☺️💕💕💕


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