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Y: kie

Y: seokiiiie

Hoseokie: ??

Y: hihihii☺️

Y: I miss uuuuuu:(

Hoseokie: why do you sound drunk?

Y: ☺️🤭🤭

Hoseokie: what happened?

Y: sooooo

Y: I'm with my new friend☺️

Hoseokie: your new friend?

Y: yeaaaaa

Hoseokie: ....

Y: ☺️

Hoseokie: I left an hour ago...

Y: I know☺️

Hoseokie: and I told you that I have to attend this class so I can pass it

Hoseokie: and i asked you if you were okay with staying alone for a few hours

Y: I remember☺️

Y: and I was okay here alone

Y: and then there was a knock

Y: and I opened the door

Y: and there was a girl

Hoseokie: ??

Y: a naked girl

Hoseokie: ???????

Y: and I invited her in

Hoseokie: are you serious?

Y: yeeeea and then she gave me a drink that tasted like strawberry

Y: and now we are here talking

Hoseokie: yoongi.

Y: 😮

Y: :(

Hoseokie: I told you ONE thing:)

Y: don't call me yoongi:(

Hoseokie: I said 'do NOT open the door for anyone that's not me or our friends'

Hoseokie: and what did you say?

Y: I said okay☺️

Hoseokie: and what did you do?

Y: ... I opened the door to someone that's not you or our friends:(

Hoseokie: oh mygod

Y: waittt she is nice:(

Y: she pinches my cheeks since she came here

Y: she says I'm too cute to be real

Hoseokie: and you said she is naked??

Y: yeah☺️

Y: I'm naked too☺️☺️

Hoseokie: hUH-

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