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Hoes mad

Nayeon: who tf changed the name

Jimmy: probably kook

Jeongyeon: aw😔 I had spiritually connected with that name

Hoebi: fr😔

Nayeon: yall

Hoebi: I know....

Nayeon: where ARE they

Namjohn: that's a good question🤩

Jeongyeon: it's TOO quiet

Jimmy: maybe cos yall text when we are literally tEN feet apart

Nayeon: we can't tALK BRO we have to discuss what's happening privately

Namjohn: do you think yoonie and jinie are lost?😮

Jimmy: how would they be lost we arrived here togETHER

Namjohn: oh😮

Hoebi: tae's dad wanted to talk to them before they come here

Nayeon: it takes tOO long

Jeongyeon: I'm feeling sorry about my boy tae😔

Jimmy: omg my baby has all the reporters on his ass😔

Hoebi: I literally heard a guy asking him "did it come as a shock that your cousin was getting married to a MALE friend of yours?"

Nayeon: bro I feel sorry for him😔

Jimmy: wait did someone just ask him,, would yOU get married to a MALE friend?

Nayeon: bro😔

Jeongyeon: 😔

Namjohn: 😔

Jimmy: why does my baby have to suffer through this?😔

Nayeon: cos he is the ceo's sON bro

Jimmy: oh right...

Nayeon: okay yall did you check the exits?

Hoebi: yes

Jeongyeon: there are like two

Nayeon: they are gonna use the one closest to us so they can leave without being noticed

Jcock: cool🤠

Nayeon: you've been quiet

Jcock: I was playing minecraft🤠

Nayeon: ......

Jcock: 🤠

Nayeon: on your phOne?

Jcock: yeahhh🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

Nayeon: .....

Nayeon: okay you know what you can play until the whole thing starts

Jcock: okay🤠🤠🤠

Hoebi: I can't believe tae gave us all a new phone

Nayeon: I tOLD you it's just for being safe from the police bro

Nayeon: wait you have yoongie's tae's and jinie's phone right?

Hoebi: yeah

Hoebi: I still don't know why I have them all with me rn

Nayeon: cOS what if the police searches the dorms for the phones

Nayeon: they will find them and see our perfect plan😔

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