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Jeongyeon: I'm disrespected😔

Jinie🌻: omg what happened

Nayeon: was it het

Jeongyeon: no😔 tiny😔

Nayeon: yOONGIE?

Namjohn: omg yoonie🤩

Jimmy: wdym fam

Jeongyeon: so fluffy you don't know this but I came back here this morning

Jeongyeon: and I saw hobi and yeonie

Nayeon: uwu yes

Jeongyeon: and then jinie and joonie arrived so we saw them as well

Jeongyeon: and then😔

Namjohn: yes?🤩

Jeongyeon: some minutes ago tiny came here

Namjohn: omg🤩🤩🤩

Nayeon: omg yoongie babie is here

Jimmy: this late?

Jinie🌻: I thought he was arriving tomorrow?

Jeongyeon: me tOO

Jeongyeon: so n e ways the door knocks and I go to open it

Jeongyeon: and it was my tiny boy uwu

Jeongyeon: and then he was like hey jeongyyy and he went to hug me

Jeongyeon: and he did for like 1 second

Jeongyeon: but then he saw hobi😔

Jinie🌻: 😔

Jimmy: 😔✊

Nayeon: ✊😔✊

Jeongyeon: and then it was like I wasn't there😔

Tea: F

Jcock: F

Namjohn: F

Jeongyeon: he literally pushed me aside (but gently uwu) and ran to him

Nayeon: omg a gentle babie😔

Jinie🌻: uwuwuwuu

Jeongyeon: and he almost jumped and hugged him and hobi looked like he would fall but he didn't

Jeongyeon: and then hobi laughed and said,, I missed you too baby . and tiny held him tighter

Namjohn: omG🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Tea: that's CUTE

Nayeon: 🤢yea uwu

Jimmy: but it's almost 2 am why did he come now

Jeongyeon: and that's exACTly what hobi just asked him

Jeongyeon: and tiny said,, cos i wanted to see you

Jeongyeon: btw they are still hugging

Jinie🌻: uwuwuwuwuwuwu

Namjohn: cute🤩🤩🤩🤩

Jeongyeon: and you know what's cuter? tiny is on his tip toes so he can bury his face on hobi's neck

Jinie🌻: now I'm sad 😔

Nayeon: it's getting disgustingly cute so how are my other babies?

Tea: my boyfriends fought only fifteen more times 😍

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