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Taehyung: sisters

Taehyung: the intellectual that is me thought something

Jimin: wow it thinks

Taehyung: shut your cute little mouth

Jungkook: baby tell us

Yoongi: i forgot this gc existed

Hoseok: same

Taehyung: we NEED to make Namjoon realise Jin is the one

Taehyung: how can we do that?

Taehyung: livING TOGETHER

Jungkook: genius

Yoongi: no

Hoseok: huh?

Jimin: haha ofc ofc:)

Taehyung: come on one of you can say you want to change rooms for a while

Yoongi: but I like joon

Hoseok: and i like jinie

Hoseok: he has breakdowns in the middle of the night

Hoseok: i don't wanna leave him

Jungkook: aw:(

Jimin: but if you live with yoongi you will have more time staring at each other🤗 double win uwu

Yoongi: why are you still here?

Jimin: cos i love tae and kook

Taehyung: aww didn't know you loved me💜

Jungkook: me too i thought i was too annoying and a "stupid little bitch"

Jimin: oh you are. the fact that I love you doesn't change it

Jungkook: so that means i won't do laundry today? 🤠

Jimin: you better wash your clothes before i come back 🙂

Jungkook: it was worth a shot😔👊

Hoseok: ... so

Taehyung: so yoongi will say he wants to change rooms for a while

Yoongi: and what will the excuse be?

Taehyung: idk think something

Jungkook: I KNOW I KNOW

Jimin: tell us


Hoseok: huh-

Jimin: aww jungkook is a genius how didn't I think of that??!! 🙂🤗😊

Yoongi: kook think for a second

Yoongi: jin and joon are our friends

Yoongi: do you think they will believe us if we say we have a relationship and want to live together overnight?

Taehyung: baby hate to say it but he is right

Jungkook: at least i thought of something😔

Taehyung: hoseok move jin's stuff to namjoon's room without warning and cousin put yours there

Taehyung: if they ask just say you want to live with Yoongi without an explanation

Taehyung: they won't care

Hoseok: but what if Jin thinks I don't want him?

Hoseok: I don't want him to be sad:(

Yoongi: you really care for him that much?

Hoseok: of course I do

Hoseok: he is my little roomate i love him

Yoongi: that's.. nice

Jimin: very nice very nice🤗

Taehyung: do you really think he will get sad fam? He will have joon

Jungkook: damn I would be thrilled🤠

Yoongi: what if him and I don't want to live together?

Hoseok: hIM

Hoseok: okay Min

Taehyung: how about we make it a month?

Yoongi: two weeks

Hoseok: one week

Taehyung: one week and you will see everything will turn out perfectly

Hoseok: i can't believe you are making me do this tae

Taehyung: you will thank me later babe

Hoseok: no i won't😤👊

Taehyung: we will see

Jungkook: let's get it🤠🤠🤠

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