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Jeongyeon: okay yall we need to assemble

Tea: hihiyihihihi

Hoebi: it's literally just us three here

Jeongyeon: okay everyone is drunk except me and hobi

Jeongyeon: and we have two cars

Jeongyeon: I can take jimin's car and hobi you can take yoongi's

Hoebi: nope

Jeongyeon: ???

Hoebi: I can't drive

Jeongyeon: you mean you don't have a license?

Hoebi: yes

Hoebi: and I can /not/ drive

Jeongyeon: there is a new time for everything

Hoebi: I'm serious

Hoebi: I can't drive a fucking car

Jeongyeon: jesus okay

Jeongyeon: then what are we gonna do

Jeongyeon: there's 9 of us and 7 people r drunk

Hoebi: we can walk

Jeongyeon: you really think yoongi can walk rn?

Hoebi: well

Hoebi: I can carry him

Jeongyeon: hobi the dorms are like an hour from here on foot

Hoebi: ugh idk

Nayeon: SUP FAM 🤙🤙🤙

Jeongyeon: omg yeonie

Nayeon: I heard you gays are on a crisis I'm here to help✊

Jeongyeon: yup we don't know how half of us are going home

Nayeon: you jin joonie het and yoongie leave with one of the cars

Nayeon: and jcock tea Jimmy and I will leave will the other

Jeongyeon: who will drive?

Nayeon: me😃

Jeongyeon: aren't you drunk?

Nayeon: nope I said I was gonna drink but I remembered alcohol is disgusting so I didn't

Jeongyeon: omg your mind😍😍😍😍

Jeongyeon: alright hobi we have a job to do

Hoebi: ???

Jeongyeon: how are we gonna go to the car

Hoebi: ... on foot?

Jeongyeon: yeah genius I mean how will tiny and jinie go there?

Hoebi: just wake jin up so I can help him go there and then I'll come back for yoon

Jeongyeon: what if he starts screaming again?

Hoebi: I doubt it

Jeongyeon: how do we wake jinie up

Hoebi: wait

Jeongyeon: ?

Jeongyeon: .....

Jeongyeon: did u really have to throw your shoe on him

Hoebi: it wORKEd stop complaining

Jeongyeon: ugh

Jeongyeon: updATE yall

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