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Yoongi: hi☺️


Jeongyeon: TINY

Taehyung: hi cousin

Jimin: his yoongs

Jungkook: OMG YOONGAY🤠

Seokjin: hi yoooooongi


Yoongi: so...

Namjoon: yes?🤩

Jungkook: wait what tf is this gc? 🤠

Nayeon: yoongie made it many weeks ago

Jeongyeon: yeah when hobi wanted his number

Taehyung: oh what's up with that?

Jimin: hobi still doesn't have his number

Jungkook: but aren't they talking?

Seokjin: they are but hobi doesn't know

Yoongi: wait

Yoongi: how do you all know?

Jimin: ....

Jimin: you're joking right

Yoongi: did joonie tell you?

Namjoon: no

Namjoon: they are just intellectuals🤩

Jeongyeon: tiny bby you really thought we didn't know?

Yoongi: ...yeah

Jimin: look

Jimin: the day I saw that hobi texted that he loves someone with the name 'thecutestbabyboy' i just kNEW something was up

Jimin: and then one day you randomly made this group and begged us not to give your number to him

Jimin: so I just put two and two together

Yoongi: ...........

Yoongi: oh

Nayeon: I realised the day when we were in that car and he kept texting you and your phone kept ringing

Nayeon: and then I saved the day

Yoongi: thank you for that💕


Seokjin: as you see everyone knows except my dumb best friend

Taehyung: 😔✊

Jungkook: what if he pretends he doesn't know?🤠

Yoongi: trust me he doesn't

Jungkook: piece in rest😔✊

Nayeon: wait why did we all gather here?

Jeongyeon: did something happen?

Yoongi: um no

Yoongi: I just want to do something

Yoongi: and I need your help

Nayeon: does it involve killing?

Jeongyeon: if it does I'm ready

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