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Tea: yall spill some tea im bored

Nayeon: ooooooooooh🍵

Jcock: i love you tae

Tea: omg i love u too baby

Nayeon: that's not tea

Jcock: i think jimin hates me

Nayeon: omg continue sis🍵😌

Jcock: like he was shouting and i was dancing cos i had my airpods on 🤠

Jcock: and he saw i wasn't listening so he tried to take my airpods😔

Jcock: but NO ONE takes my airpods😤

Jcock: so i tried to escape but he caught me and tackled me to the floor and sat on me so i couldn't move and then took my airpods

Jcock: and then came close to my face grabbed it and said,, next time don't ignore me baby

Jcock: and then he stood up and said he hates me and left

Nayeon: ngl that was pretty gay

Tea: ngl that was pretty hot

Nayeon: aren't you two dating?

Tea: yeah

Nayeon: and you don't care about that?

Tea: its jimin

Nayeon: meaning??

Tea: jimin is my second baby

Jcock: who is your first?😔

Tea: ofc you baby

Jcock: 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

Nayeon: omg you guys are cute

Hoebi: not as cute as you;)

Nayeon: ew the het

Hoebi: im BI its literally the second half of my nickname

Nayeon: het🤢

Namjohn: hets deseve rights too😔

Nayeon: joon sweetie you still think you're a het?

Namjohn: y-yeah😔

Nayeon: the only het here is hoseok


Namjohn: omg i saw you skinnies talking about tea i have sumn to share🤩🤩

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Namjohn: omg i saw you skinnies talking about tea i have sumn to share🤩🤩

Nayeon: yes joon🤩🍵

Namjohn: i think jimin and jeongy are dating🤩🤩🤩

Nayeon: i thought you had some braincells left😔😔

Namjohn: whenever jeongy sees him she kisses his cheek and ruffles his hair

Namjohn: also you three are always talking in sign language and i feel you judging everyone else🤩🤩

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