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Mommy: jinie

J: yeonie😍

Mommy: where are you??

J: so remember when joonie kept saying he wanted to get drunk once in his life ?

Mommy: yeah and then he started drinking random drinks

Mommy: then he was dancing with you

Mommy: or he was just jumping around idk

Mommy: he kept dancing for like two hours

Mommy: then he didn't feel good so you took him upstairs and then idk

J: he threw up and then we found a room so he could lay down for a moment

Mommy: uwu

J: yeonie he is so cute he kept saying that if beauty had a face it would be me

J: then he said something like, jinie's lips look so cute and big and and really cute

J: and then he said,, don't tell jinie but I like it when he is the big spoon and makes me feel pretty

Mommy: omg I can't cry I will ruin my makeup

J: now he is sleeping on my lap

Mommy: why are two so cute

J: he is the cutest ☺

Mommy: you are really living rn babe while I have to go through this alone

J: omg tell me what happened😍 joonie is not waking up anytime soon

Mommy: jeongy really left me when she came here for mina

Mommy: five years of friendship thrown away like that😔😔

J: but she told you to go with her

Mommy: momo was there🤢

J: bro no hetero but momo is PRETTY pretty

Mommy: ig? That doesn't change the fact that she is cancelled

J: why?

Mommy: she spoiled the endgame

J: ew flop

Mommy: ikr🤢

Mommy: neways at first I was with het and everything was fine. We were dancing and messing around

J: uwu

Mommy: until people came between us and tried to dance with him. like nO I'm here. get in line bro

Mommy: and it wasn't just one person😔

J: 😔✊

Mommy: he managed to get away and we went to the kitchen but now it was worse cos the lights in the living room were off but there you could clearly see around you

Mommy: people started noticing him and soon they were all trying to get close to him

Mommy: imagine 6 people flirting at you at the same time

J: damn how does he do it

Mommy: I don't know but he looked at me apologetically and I was hurt like not only my 5 year best friend left me but now my 1 month friend abandoned me? Disgusting.

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