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Jimmy: fam

Jcock: no

Jimmy: stfu I didnt say anything yet

Namjohn: omg hi🤩

Jinie🌻: heeey

Jimmy: I found her insta

Tea: whomst

Jimmy: the lollipop girl

Namjohn: wig🤩 Send it


Tea: I knew it

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Tea: I knew it

Namjohn: omg my wig flew🤩🤩

Hoebi: there's a reason I'm bi

Yoongi: that's the girl that gives you lollipops?

Jimmy: yeeeessss

Jimmy: I haven't spoken to her yet

Tea: that's gonna be difficult

Jimmy: why?

Tea: she is not talking

Jinie🌻: aw why?

Tea: idk but remember when the school authorities said that my roommate was gonna be like me?

Yoongi: yes

Tea: I expected a guy on a wheelchair or sumn but a girl came inside waved and then left

Jcock: wait

Jcock: why didn't you tell me? 😔😔

Tea: tell you what?

Jcock: about your roommate

Jimmy: yea why didnt you tell us?

Tea: you never asked

Jcock: sad yeehaw😔😔🤠

Yoongi: jungkook is literally all the time there how come he never saw her?

Tea: she is always out

Tea: I dont think she really likes me🤪

Jimmy: I dont really like you

Tea: you love me babe

Jimmy: .....

Jimmy: maybe

Jcock: ?🤠

Tea: i know she can't talk but waving or saying smth in sign language would be nice😔

Yoongi: you know sign language?

Tea: no but I would improvise 😔

Jimmy: I know how to communicate in sign language

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