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Thatboy⚘: sugasugasugasugasuga

Thatboy⚘: tea.of.the.day.

Thatboy⚘: u there?

Thatboy⚘: im gonna pretend you're here

Thatboy⚘: so fam i guess you remember that I apologised to Yoongi

Thatboy⚘: and that I was shOoK by his smile

Thatboy⚘: okayokayokay hEAr mE oUt

Thatboy⚘: maybe you saw him today

Thatboy⚘: he was wearing a fluffy hoodie

Thatboy⚘: and really tight pants

Thatboy⚘: like rEAllY TiGhT

Thatboy⚘: he was adorable and I realised that I love his ass 🤠

Thatboy⚘: and yea he was just breathing and i was like

Thatboy⚘: dAmn okAY

Thatboy⚘: And okay he passed by me in the hallway and he waved at me

Thatboy⚘: and he smILED

Thatboy⚘: not fully but stILL

Thatboy⚘: I just stopped and stared like


Thatboy⚘: and tHEN

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Thatboy⚘: and tHEN

Thatboy⚘: I saw Jimin


Thatboy⚘: Thank god he didn't see me

Thatboy⚘: or he did idk

Thatboy⚘: I still haven't talked to him

Thatboy⚘: I don't want to so 🤠👊

Y: for fucks sake it's 4 in the morning

Thatboy⚘: oh hi fam

Thatboy⚘: I was just ranting about my day

Thatboy⚘: what do you think?

Y: about what?

Thatboy⚘: everything I said

Y: about the Yoongi thing um: 🗿🗿

Y: why are you avoiding Jimin?

Thatboy⚘: i don't know what to do with him

Thatboy⚘: I feel weird

Y: tell him that

Thatboy⚘: but he is sensitive:(

Y: he is not

Thatboy⚘: ??

Y: i mean he doesn't seem really sensitive to me

Thatboy⚘: you don't really know him

Y: ..right

Thatboy⚘: i think i should sleep now

Y: i think so too

Thatboy⚘: but what if I can't?

Y: you can talk to me

Thatboy⚘: aren't you gonna sleep?

Y: yea ..

Y: but I will answer

Y: I'll be here

Thatboy⚘: thank you💕

Thatboy⚘: goodnight sugar

Y: night Hoseok

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