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Jimmy: YALL

Tea: yes bby

Jimmy: I was waiting in the park with my girls when we saw those two cute girls coming towards us

Jimmy: jeongy was ready to pass out sjsjsjsj poor baby

Yoongi: aww

Jimmy: mina (jeongy's crush) was beaming when she came close and she waved at us

Jimmy: jeongy waved shyly and didn't look at her

Jimmy: she talked really fast and she said she loves my hair and she loves nayeon's makeup

Hoebi: she is CUTE cute

Namjohn: yea🤩🤩🤩

Jimmy: and then we decided to go to the small cafe the one near the flower shop

Jcock: the coffee is digusting there😔🤠

Jinie🌻: yes I went there one time and my stomach hurt so bad after I couldn't sleep

Hoebi: omg same

Jimmy: great I am the only one who got coffee🙂🔫

Jcock: press F to pay respect for jimmy

Tea: F

Hoebi: F

Jinie🌻: F

Jimmy: negays mina asked jeongy a question and jeongy said something in sign language and nayeon translated for her

Jimmy: and mina looked really interested and she kept smiling and she said she always wanted to learn the language

Tea: UWU

Jimmy: and when I told her that jeongy could hear just not talk she clapped her hands and she started talking to her a lot

Jinie🌻: she is so cute omg

Yoongi: what about momo? Doesn't nayeon hate her?

Jimmy: OH YEA SO

Jimmy: momo said she didn't expect this nice company while looking at nayeon and nayeon said "me too fam" and momo said "I thought you were busy with that sugar mommy of yours" and nayeon looked like she could jump her right there


Tea: did they fight?

Jimmy: no

Jcock: aw😔😔🤠😔

Jimmy: nayeon was glaring at momo the whole time and momo was smirking at her

Hoebi: they will fuck at the end

Namjohn: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Tea: tea.

Jimmy: then mina started talking to jeongy and saying something about flowers then I heard her saying smth about lollipops. at one point I heard her saying smth about global warming??

Namjohn: a true intellectual queen😩🤩

Jimmy: momo was saying something about sugar mommies and why you should never sign up to any of that shit and nayeon was just rolling her eyes

Hoebi: what were you doing?

Jimmy: I was fifth wheeling all of them

Hoebi: F

Yoongi: F

Jinie🌻: F

Jimmy: and there was a guy that worked there that kept staring at me and doing weird hand gestures

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