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Jeongyeon: lmfAO I CAN //NOT//

Jeongyeon: I regret saying that I will be the responsible one

Tea: I said that too

Jeongyeon: bro......

Tea: yes I know I'm not good at it


Jeongyeon: bRO

Jeongyeon: you are literally with jimin from the moment we came here

Jeongyeon: I don't even know where u are now but I know you are together

Tea: that's-

Tea: okay that's true😔

Jeongyeon: oh my god

Tea: where are you?

Jeongyeon: outside

Jeongyeon: hobi and tiny are here too

Tea: you should write what happened

Tea: so we can bully the others tomorrow

Jeongyeon: omg yes😍😍😍

Jeongyeon: I should make a storytime like yeonie does

Tea: yeah😍

Tea: so I'm going to make out with jimin again

Tea: c u

Jeongyeon: thIS is what I meANT

Tea: love u❤

Jeongyeon: ugh

Jeongyeon: n e ways

Jeongyeon: so for anyone that will read this in the morning, hi

Jeongyeon: so tae kook fluffy and I arrived here first and waited for you

Jeongyeon: then like after an hour het texted that you were here and I went to collect you

Jeongyeon: and like the guard started checking everyone and then it was tiny's turn and he stopped him

Jeongyeon: and he said how old are you?

Jeongyeon: and tiny said that he is 21 but the guard said may I see your ID sir? And tiny said that he doesn't have it right now and the guard said,, well I'm sorry but I can't let you pass

Jeongyeon: hehissjjsjs did he really think yoongi was 12 or smth?

Jeongyeon: and then hobi was really annoyed and said that they would stay there until everyone was inside

Jeongyeon: wait i took a photo

Jeongyeon: wait i took a photo

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