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Jeongyeon: ey

Jeongyeon: eyyy

Jeongyeon: eyooo

Jeongyeon: hey yall

Jeongyeon: it's me again

Jeongyeon: I know you missed me

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Jeongyeon: I know you missed me

Nayeon: *crickets*

Jeongyeon: I'm bACK for more updates

Jeongyeon: I stopped when we went to see the movie

Jeongyeon: well yeonie and momo were like arguing half of the movie

Jeongyeon: at one point I think hobi and tiny left

Jeongyeon: then this Steve guy left

Jeongyeon: and when the movie was about to end we heard that there was a fighting upstairs

Jeongyeon: momo literally cheered pulled her phone out and ran there

Nayeon: this stupid bitch...

Jeongyeon: I thought fluffy was fighting someone or even hobi but thankfully it was those two dudes again

Jeongyeon: the one with the holy water and the cult member

Jeongyeon: and idk what was happening but they were shouting

Jeongyeon: and then more people joined in

Jeongyeon: and now some people are with the dude with the water and some people are with the other dude

Jeongyeon: and this is literally what's happening rn

Nayeon: momo is taking a video🤢

Jeongyeon: her mind😍

Nayeon: 🤢🤢

Jeongyeon: okay can you see any of our boys

Nayeon: no

Nayeon: Jin and joonie are still with annie

Nayeon: Jimmy tea and jcock are missing

Nayeon: het and yoongie are probably fucking upstairs

Jeongyeon: so who's gonna stop the fighting if it starts

Nayeon: naaah it won't start dont worry

Jeongyeon: .....

Nayeon: .....

Jeongyeon: I believe someone just punched someone else in the eye

Nayeon: maybe it was friendly

Jeongyeon: the other punched him back in the mouth

Nayeon: ..... it isn't that bad....

Jeongyeon: they just fell down punching each other

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