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Thatboy⚘: AAAA


Thatboy⚘: 🚨 E M E R G E N C Y 🚨

Y: tell me

Thatboy⚘: SO

Thatboy⚘: Today I woke up and I was like

Thatboy⚘: let's apologise to Yoongi

Thatboy⚘: so I found him in our broadcast class

Thatboy⚘: and I sat next to him

Thatboy⚘: and he looked at me

Thatboy⚘: and I looked at him

Thatboy⚘: and we just stood there

Thatboy⚘: staring at each other

Thatboy⚘: and I swear I felt my dick twitch a little

Thatboy⚘: And he said

Thatboy⚘: Can I help you

Thatboy⚘: And I was like

Thatboy⚘: OH YOU CAN TRY;)

Thatboy⚘: but I didn't say it cos you know

Thatboy⚘: don't wanna weird him out

Y: 🗿

Thatboy⚘: and then I told him that I didn't know that Jimin was his ex

Thatboy⚘: and he was like

Thatboy⚘: ok cool

Thatboy⚘: and then i said that im sorry if I hurt him or anything

Thatboy⚘: and he was like

Thatboy⚘: you didn't

Thatboy⚘: and then silence

Thatboy⚘: and then he said

Thatboy⚘: don't worry about it


Y: see? I told you he would understand

Thatboy⚘: and then he SMILED

Thatboy⚘: and I was like damn

Thatboy⚘: I was just staring at him cos he has NEVER smiled with me

Thatboy⚘: so I made a goal in my life to see him smile at me again

Thatboy⚘: and yea

Thatboy⚘: the rest of the class was me thinking about him and when the bell rang I ran

Thatboy⚘: so now I'm hiding behind a tree outside cos I'm cONFUSED

Y: are you okay?

Thatboy⚘: NO


Y: is that you sitting on the ground while it's raining

Thatboy⚘: yea

Y: come inside

Thatboy⚘: ugh sure

Thatboy⚘: I'll try to be as normal as I can

Y: do that

Thatboy⚘: suga you are always here for me

Thatboy⚘: i loveveveve u u u u u

Y: okay just come inside

Thatboy⚘: 😚⚘❤


Thatboy⚘: HOLD UP

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