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J: jeongy

Babygirl: fluffyyy

J: are you still at the party?

Babygirl: yesss I'm in the kitchen

Babygirl: it's fun here

Babygirl: mina is here too🥰

Babygirl: where are you all?

J: Jin joonie tae kook yeonie and I left

Babygirl: hobi and yoongs are still here?

J: idk I didn't see them

Babygirl: wait how did you leave?

J: with jin's car

Babygirl: how did you fit?

J: kook sat on tae

Babygirl: uwu

J: did you see hobi and yoongi at all?

Babygirl: nooo

Babygirl: wait I think I see small guy

Babygirl: oh that's him

Babygirl: he is looking for something

Babygirl: he saw me

Babygirl: he's coming here

Babygirl: wow he is really small

Babygirl: he told me he got lost and couldn't find you all

J: aw

J: find hobi and leave

Babygirl: how?

J: yeonie left her car there

J: she put the keys in your jacket

Babygirl: baby I'm kinda drunk

Babygirl: I can't drive:(

J: hm i think yoongi is drunk too

J: hobi is not

J: he didn't drink at all

Babygirl: he's still here?

J: wait I'll text him

Babygirl: love uuu

J: ❤


J: hobi

Oomf: jimin

J: are you at the party?

Oomf: yes

J: can you find jeongy and yoongi and leave?

Oomf: why are they still here?

J: why are you still there?

Oomf: okay where are they?

J: in the kitchen

Oomf: is anyone sober enough to drive?

J: no

J: that's why you're going to

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