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Jinie🌻: I shouldn't have trusted you


Nayeon: it's not THAT bad

Jinie🌻: I showed my parents the papers and they laughed

Jinie🌻: they said our marriage is not legal

Jinie🌻: and they kept laughing for ten minutes:)


Jeongyeon: okay my plan was a failure😔😔

Nayeon: well let's look at the bright side

Namjohn: 🤩 ?

Jinie🌻: what bright side

Nayeon: we still have time for MY plan

Hoebi: what is YOUR plan

Nayeon: omg yall get ready

Jimmy: ....

Namjohn: 🤩

Jcock: 🤠

Tea: I'm always ready

Nayeon: the plan is....

Nayeon: ROBBERY!

Yoongi: ...

Jimmy: 😬

Tea: we

Namjohn: huh🤩

Jinie🌻: what-

Jeongyeon: um

Jcock: 🤠wow

Hoebi: I can already feel it will be fucking stupid

Nayeon: excUSE yoU BRO


Hoebi: okay say it

Nayeon: so yoongie will go rob a small store

Hoebi: no

Nayeon: I didnt finish wAIt

Nayeon: just imagine if yoongie steals from a small shop and jin's parents find out

Nayeon: they will not want to marry their son with him anymore so we WIN😍😍

Yoongi: ...

Yoongi: this is sad

Nayeon: no it is NOT

Nayeon: it will work you'll see😍😍

Hoebi: so let me get this straight

Nayeon: already told you this will never happen

Hoebi: ...

Hoebi: so let me get this bi

Nayeon: yes😍

Hoebi: yoon will go and steal from a shop and then for some reason he won't marry jin?

Nayeon: nononO

Nayeon: LIstEn

Nayeon: yoongi will steal from the shop and thEN he will get CAUGHT😍

Yoongi: I will get caught?

Nayeon: yeah by the police😍😍

Yoongi: ....

Hoebi: no

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