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⚠️Attempted rape, slut shaming⚠️

Ignoring the loud noise from downstairs he tried to remember the exact room where the little girl and his friends were currently in

After closing the third door and instantly regretting it he decided he couldn't keep doing this and searched for his phone

This is not happening, he thought when he realised his phone wasn't with him

He could go downstairs and find his friends and Hoseok but he remembered what Nayeon said about the whole fighting thing and decided to stay there

He could open more doors until he found the one he was looking for, even if he was going to regret the things he was going to see

He sighed and went to open the fourth door when he felt hands on his back

"Are you lost little boy?"

Yoongi tried turning around but the other harshly pulled him against his front, not allowing him to move "Get your fucking hands off m-"

"Hey" he was interrupted by a familiar voice

He sighed in relief when he felt the other's hands relaxing on him

"You heard him get your hands off him and go away"

The other made a disappointing sound before letting go of Yoongi completely and quickly disappearing from their sight

"Thanks" Yoongi said slightly embarrassed. He thought he could for once handle something himself instead of looking weak or defenseless

"Don't worry about it" Steve smiled handing him a drink

"Oh sorry I don't want to drink tonight"

"Me too" Steve waved his second glass before taking a sip "That's why I drink soda. It's cherry flavored!" He said excitedly

Yoongi chuckled and at the same time he felt his throat dry. He took the drink before thanking him

"So why are you alone?"

"I'm just looking for my friends"

Steve started talking about how he was coming from downstairs and how "I saw your boyfriend he was really badass" but Yoongi couldn't focus

Not when Chanyeol was at the end of the hall staring at him

"Uh Steve can we um-" Yoongi started when he saw Chanyeol coming towards them

Yoongi took a few steps back before taking Steve's hand and he hurriedly opened a door pulling them both inside

"Yoongs wait I want to talk to y-" he closed the door in the other's face before locking it

Yoongi sighed in relief and turned around to see Steve looking at him confused "Long story" he said before putting his now empty glass on a small table

The other boy chuckled before saying something but Yoongi couldn't focus. He felt the room spinning and he held the table for support

"What?" Yoongi said confused, when he realised the other was talking

"I asked if you were okay. You look tired"

Yoongi was ready to disagree, he wasn't tired, it wasn't that late yet but he felt a sudden pain on his head

Great, a headache

"Come here" he felt the other's gentle hands guiding him to sit down on the bed

"Can you give me your phone? I want to call someone" Yoongi said wanting call Hoseok who would soon get worried if he didn't find him in Annie's room

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