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Hoebi: I shouldn't have believed you




Nayeon: hehehejjssjjw I'm nervous

Hoebi: istg if anything happens

Nayeon: shhhhHjHHHhHhhh its gonna be FINE

Nayeon: yoongie boongie where are you?

Yoongi: um

Namjohn: I went to pick up yoonie but hobi has him wrapped in his hands and is not letting him go🤩

Nayeon: .....

Jinie🌻: brO

Hoebi: can I come there?

Nayeon: NO

Hoebi: 😔😔😔

Hoebi: I don't wanna leave yoon alone

Nayeon: he will have joonie and me

Hoebi: 😔😔😔😔😔

Nayeon: het bby let yoongie boongie come here. Joonie and him will steal some money, the police will catch them, we will bail them and then no wedding

Hoebi: 😔😔😔

Nayeon: no wedding = you will live happily ever after🤢

Hoebi: fine😔

Jcock: take knives with you🤠🤠🤠

Namjohn: I already got two🤩🤩🤩

Nayeon: are you coming??

Namjohn: hobi is kissing yoonie all over his face

Nayeon: ??

Namjohn: now he told him to be careful

Nayeon: uh

Namjohn: now he offered to walk with us until the shop

Nayeon: nO

Nayeon: het bby

Hoebi: yea?

Nayeon: stay thERE

Hoebi: 😔😔😔

Hoebi: fine.

Namjohn: okay now hobi let yoonie go

Namjohn: we are coming🤩

Nayeon: finally

Jeongyeon: while they go there I learnt some interesting things

Tea: 👀

Jimmy: oh?

Nayeon: omg spill😍

Jeongyeon: remember after jennie's party .. when hobi tiny and I were walking home?

Jcock: and then those people showed up and beat you up🤠

Jeongyeon: well kind of

Jeongyeon: sO an interesting source told me what happened to them...

Jimmy: 👀👀👀

Tea: 🍵🍵🍵?

Jinie🌻: honestly who even were they

Nayeon: yeah like one of the girls were Chanyeol's sister and the other his ex

Nayeon: but those three boys?

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