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Hobi⚘: baby i have a question

Y: ask

Hobi⚘: should i ask yoongi to fuck him


Hobi⚘: if you answer yes im gonna do it

Y: jsushd wHY

Hobi⚘: cos i can't cuddle with people when i have never put my dick inside them

Y: w-what

Hobi⚘: and its been a week since he came to my bed that night

Hobi⚘: and now he sleeps here

Hobi⚘: and we cuddle

Hobi⚘: every. day.

Y: okay?

Hobi⚘: bro i can sleep

Y: isn't that good bro? 🗿

Hobi⚘: yeah but

Hobi⚘: idk

Y: maybe he likes you bro 🗿

Hobi⚘: no

Hobi⚘: i dont think so

Hobi⚘: he is just kind

Hobi⚘: and he probably pitys me

Y: no he doesnt

Y: I'm sure he doesn't

Hobi⚘: if you say so

Hobi⚘: okay back to the real questions

Hobi⚘: should i ask him to fuck him

Y: nO

Hobi⚘: why not

Y: eye

Hobi⚘: tbh I've always wanted to

Hobi⚘: so if he wants to thats a win for me

Y: 🗿

Hobi⚘: he is on the couch with his phone

Hobi⚘: his face is red

Hobi⚘: really red

Hobi⚘: he looks like a cute tiny tomatoe

Hobi⚘: so cute and tiny

Hobi⚘: now he is redder

Hobi⚘: how

Y: stOp

Hobi⚘: oh now he is covering his face with hands

Hobi⚘: thats so cute

Hobi⚘: i wonder who makes him that embarassed

Y: me too

Hobi⚘: n e ways im gonna ask him

Y: wait wHAT

Y: no

Y: don't

Hobi⚘: sjdjdjsj i cant do it in person

Hobi⚘: i will ask for his number

Hobi⚘: why is he running

Hobi⚘: aaaand he left

Hobi⚘: maybe I'll ask the others

Y: nonononono

Hobi⚘: yeah after i shower

Hobi⚘: talk to you later baby boy

Hobi⚘: 💘💘

Y: 🗿 yeah haha

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