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Y: seokie

Hoseokie: yes baby

Y: .

Hoseokie: damn yoongi is choking next to me do I help him or not

Hoseokie: oh he is okay now

Hoseokie: the class is looking at him and he is blushing UwU

Y: okay stOp

Y: I need to rant

Hoseokie: uwuwuwuwu

Hoseokie: okay go

Y: there's a guy


Y: he's my roommate

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Y: he's my roommate

Y: and I really like him

Hoseokie: uwuwuwuwuwu😍🥰

Y: we are really close and we've slept together a couple of times

Hoseokie: slept as in?

Y: as in sleeping

Y: or cuddling sometimes..

Hoseokie: omg that's adORABLE

Y: yeah and he is um nice to me and yesterday we were really really really

Y: like our noses were touching kind of close

Hoseokie: omg you kissed?😍😍

Y: nO

Y: no

Hoseokie: you were about to?

Y: I dont know 😶

Hoseokie: UfuckingWU

Y: but he doesn't like me the way I do

Hoseokie: hUH😲

Hoseokie: he cant nOT like you🔫😤

Y: he told me

Hoseokie: what a dumbass

Hoseokie: who wouldn't like you sugar

Hoseokie: you are amazing

Hoseokie: I love uuu

Hoseokie: he doesn't deserve you

Hoesokie: ungrateful ass😤

Y: um thank u

Y: so I decided once again to distance myself

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