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Yoongi: 😠

Namjohn: yoonieee

Nayeon: omg a baby

Jeongyeon: uwu

Yoongi: no I'm angry😠

Nayeon: omg an angry baby

Jeongyeon: uwu

Jimmy: what happened?

Jinie🌻: I bet it was my dumb best friend

Yoongi: yes😠

Jcock: why are my dads fighting again?😔

Tea: what did he do to my favorite cousin?

Yoongi: if you remember his phone broke

Jinie🌻: duehehsjwjsjjs because he is dUMB and he always throws it on a wall

Hoebi: hEY

Jinie🌻: uwu there he is💕

Yoongi: so I got him a new one☺️

Nayeon: uwu

Jinie🌻: uwu

Tea: uwu

Yoongi: but he doesn't take it😠

Jimmy: ??

Hoebi: yES

Hoebi: you didn' have o go and buy me a phone

Yoongi: 🥺

Hoebi: and you definiely didn' have o buy the mos expENSIVE ONE😤

Yoongi: it only cost like 2k ☺️

Hoebi: wfjdhehehssj

Hoebi: nO

Jcock: "only" and "2k" doesn't go together luvs💅

Tea: that's why you're making a big deal?

Hoebi: jjdheehsjYES

Hoebi: he can' jus coninue buying me hings

Hoebi: especially hA expensive😤

Nayeon: okay bro but I really have to pause for a minute to understand what you're saying so just take the phone and help us all😔🙏🏼

Hoebi: I

Yoongi: take it🥺

Hoebi: ugh

Hoebi: please sop buying me suff

Yoongi: okay☺️

Hoebi: promise

Yoongi: I promise☺️☺️

Hoebi: fine I'll ake i

Hoebi: and hank you baby💕

Yoongi: ☺️🥰

Jcock: dad you're no fun you literally have a sugar daddy and you are not taking advantage of it😔😔

Yoongi: no I'm baby🥺

Jcock: omg😔😔😔😞😞😭😭😭😭

Nayeon: ...are you okay?

Jcock: no yoomgi is taking my role as a baby 😔😔 and he's cuter😞😭🤠

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