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Tea: yall smell this

Namjohn: smell what

Tea: it smells like awkwardness

Jinie🌻: huh?

Jcock: hate that smell

Yoongi: what r u two talking about?

Tea: okay spill the tea

Yoongi: ???

Tea: first of all why are you and Hoseok staring at each other 25/8

Yoongi: we don't??

Jcock: oh yea what's up with that

Namjohn: I noticed too

Jinie🌻: hoseok ignored me when I was talking to him:(

Jinie🌻: i guess yoongi tidying his shoes was more important 😔👎

Namjohn: aww it's okay Jinie you can always talk to me if he ignores you

Jinie🌻: i- okay🙌

Jcock: #abrosupportingabro

Tea: yoongi was ignoring me cos he was glaring at sehun who was talking with hobi

Yoongi: i was not ignoring you

Tea: okay if you weren't ignoring me yoongs what did I say about Jimin?

Yoongi: you said

Yoongi: that Jimin

Yoongi: was uh

Yoongi: oh I knOW

Yoongi: jimin didn't let kook come to your room cos kook pissed him off

Tea: yoongi don't wanna sound rude or anything but that was literally three days ago

Yoongi: oh

Jcock: jsjsjsksjsk

Tea: i told you that Jimin stole my jacket

Jimmy: when did I steal your jacket

Tea: you never returned it

Jimmy: ..i like wearing it😔

Hoebi: hi fam

Jcock: everyone is here its tea time🍵

Jinie🌻: oh hi traitor

Hoebi: what now?

Jinie: oh nothing

Tea: so hoebi tell us

Hoebi: that me

Tea: why are you and yoongi staring at each other all day ignoring us?

Hoebi: that's a nice question

Yoongi: we are not

Tea: oh also hobi are you ignoring jimin?

Jimmy: yeah hobi 🤗


Hoebi: would you look at the time i have to go

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Hoebi: would you look at the time i have to go

Jcock: dont leave in the middle of our tea session

Hoebi: 🕺👋🤙

Jcock: yoongi do u have food?

Yoongi: leftover ramen

Jcock: expect me on your door in 2

Jinie🌻: can I come?

Namjohn: ofc🤩

Tea: im hungry so ill be there

Jimmy: am I the only one who is not going?

Namjohn: yup hoseok is here already

Jimmy: how

Namjohn: he came here 5 minutes ago

Jimmy: well then I think I will stop by🙄

Yoongi: ugh

Jimmy: 🤗😚

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